Facebook I Am No Longer In Love With You... It Is Over!

In high school I could not wait to obtain my very own Facebook account. Since it was being rolled out as an exclusive new social media website and I was on my way to college at the time, I needed to be on Facebook! Over time Facebook was a place where I shared random photos (yet slightly edited... okay embossed and cartooned a lot) on Photo Booth from the school issued MacBook laptop. I also talked to my high school friends while simulataneously talked to others all in one setting. 

As I grew older and went to college, Facebook became even more relevant and a necessity to my life. I connected with my new college fries on there. Once I started my journalism and photography businesses, I started sharing even more of my photos (the flowers and lake photos of course haha). Because of Facebook I discovered Flickr and the rest is basically history... but since some people may be new here,mi have to be brief. Flickr is where I not only made all my photography friends around the world, but met a few of them at gatherings as well.

While not trying to sound like a broken record player, I'm actually grateful for Facebook (the social media platform). Without it I would not have the life and friends that I do now. 

However, things have become quite annoying and so remedial that I seriously cannot spend more than a few minutes on there.  It is not even my actual friends that are a problem, it's the ignorance and elementary IQ level that others display on a public and consistent basis that happens to show up on my timeline.

People on Facebook have come to the point where if you disagree with them on anything that they are ready to end a friendship because of it. I have had one ex-friend disagree with me voting for Hillary this election year because they were once voting for Bernie, then switched teams to the independent candidates just for the sake of it. 

"If you don't like/are supporting (insert political/social subjects here) the unfriended me now because I don't need you in my life." - 1 out of every 5 posts on Facebook every day.

Unfortunately, I fell for the trap for a few years and wasted a ton of time arguing via Facebook with people who don't even matter. I love having open dialogue and conversations about important topics. I am completely fine and humble being proven tong when I think I am right. Too bad a majority of people in society (well America for the most part) don't think with common sense anymore. 

I hate to even say this, but Facebook was an addiction that started out great (seriously in a good way of connecting with friends and sharing work). Over time and up to this very second it has become a toxic wasteland of people who only read the titles of articles instead of the actual article before passing judgement. Over time I repeatedly said that I was leaving Facebook out of anger, but never really took into consideration the big picture.

Facebook is still an amazing social media platform. I continue to not only make new photography/artsy friends on there, but I also end up meeting them in person as well as time progresses. When I go on Facebook now, I literally scroll down my timeline for about 5 minutes just to make sure my friends are okay, safe and sound. After that, I metaphorically run to gaming and photography groups now just to avoid as much ignorance as possible while on Facebook. 

With everything currently going on with my businesses and blogs (good things), I am truly at peace not posting and status updates or sharing new photos on there anymore. Anything photography, gaming, food, or general business wise there are "closed groups" that I generally go to. I'm fine not checking it every idle time period that I get. My friends know exactly how to get in contact with me if an emergency is to ever happen and I am needed.

What makes this even more of a comforting realization is knowing that I have friends that are thinking the same exact way about Facebook.  So for those who may have followed my Facebook "business" page, that is gone now. For friends who may see this later down the road and wonder why in the heck I have not posted any actual updates (this is why).

I may seldomly share Instagram photos of travels because some people don't have Instagram. Although I really don't want to since I will just end up blogging traveling adventures anyways, that is one thing that I can honestly not completely rule out for future reference.

Sorry Facebook it is you not me, but thank you for everything up to this point I appreciate you. If all of my friends switched to Twitter I would leave you completely. But since that may never happen, your only purpose to me is making sure that my friends always have a place to share their status updates/work, and to continue allowing groups for specific subjects/topics (which I will use mostly for business/blogging purposes).

I have my own websites to run and on top of the love I have for them, I am also in love with Twitter now! So in the great words of Sweet Brown...