Never Conform To The Standards Of Others

We live in a society where people put on fake smiles, show false praise, and expect for everyone to conform. Artists and content creators in specific are told to get a real job. You know... a 9-5 that guarantees a paycheck every two weeks. The easy route that really takes minimal effort just to pay the bills.

Before I took the biggest chance in my life and started working for myself, I worked as a chef. A passion of mine to say the least, but on everyone else's terms except my own. I love cooking with all of my heart, but I also living my life the way that I want to even more.

I hated when important things was happening and I couldn't travel because I was not given days off from my jobs. While all of my artist/entrepreneur friends were traveling the world, I was getting just enough sleep to make sure I could wake up and have a meal without being late to work. A part of me was happy because my job was to do what I loved and I got paid for it. The other part of me was unhappy because I didn't have control of my life. I confirmed to the normal of others instead of conforming to my own dreams.

Many people think that my life is all rainbows and unicorns just because I work for myself. That is far from the truth. It took me an ample amount of time just to have a comfortable income to splurge a little bit when I wanted to. There were moments when I wanted to give up and go back to the safe route. It took a lot of convincing of my own mind to keep on pushing.

I live my life by the timeless mantras...

"If it was easy, then everyone would do it."
"Anything worth having is not easy to obtain."

For the past year of working for myself I have learned that this is not going to be an easy road for me. It's easier now because I have a firm grasp on my work. Everything is going exactly the way that I want them to. If I would have conformed and went back to a normal job, I would kind of be safe in regards to finances, but I would be miserable with not living my life the way that I know I can.

Don't live the one life you have conforming to others. Chase your dreams in your sleep and when you are awake. Surround yourself with like-minded people (friends, family, and strangers). Keep on pushing because one day you will look back and have stories to tell that could motivate someone else to follow their dreams too instead of conforming to the norm.