#WeekendCoffeeShare: New TV Show Depicting Millennials Sensitivity Perfectly

Just hurry up and go grab your coffee now because I really just want to jump into this right now I'm so excited about it. 

Some great savior to non-submissive politically correct "everyone needs a safe space except those who disagree with handout culture" has created the sitcom The Great Indoors that is a replication of what we all see on a daily basis. Millenials acting in ways which are completely hilarious (not in a good way), emotionally fragile to anything that does not go there way, and disconnected to the things in life that actually matters (like reading a book, actually learning about politics). 

Joel McHale plays the role of an adventure reporter (Jack Gordon) that is old-school (aka has common sense and earns what they want instead of expecting handouts). Jack is essentially requested to manage a newsroom of millennial journalists that are not only inexperienced, but basically understands the realm of online media. I am definitely excited to see this come into fruition for a variety of reasons. 

Apparently millennials are already offended about this show that depicts how a vast majority of them are (oh the irony). A clear representation that you will see in the trailer above is the belief that everyone gets a trophy just for participation, not being the best/winner (in sports and in every other facet of life millennials think it is expected). This is by far the worse (or at least top 5) ways millennials entitled mindset is complete garbage. 

Since millennials tend to believe everything on TV anyways, this is going to be something that they see like a reflection in the mirror. Even if they want to say that's not how they are, their actions and lack of explanations will most likely show the exact premise of the show.

It becomes beyond annoying in person and in writing to always have to say "not all" when it comes to speaking on facts of generalizations. Of course to say all subjects in question fit a specific narrative would need a definitive (which is impossible). However, a display of the millennial entitled majority can be seen just by walking outside and going to a grocery store. 

I really do hope that this begins to at least get through the fragile minds of millennials. No one "hates" millennials (okay maybe some people do). The older generation would rather not hate you (there we go for better words of not offending them). However, grow a thick skin! Earn the money you want to make and stop thinking that everyone has to give you everything you want just because you "think" you deserve it. Only winners deserve the big trophies.