#WeekendCoffeeShare: A Writer's Worse Nightmare

This week has been pretty great for me for the most part... that is until my worse nightmare happened!

(Okay... you may be taking this a little more dramatic than it actually is, but you will understand what I mean later. Grab some coffee and a midday snack and let me tell you about this little predicament that I am in.)

As a writer it is important that our writing tools are always functioning properly and in the best maintenance possible. Traditionally I would be talking about pens and pencils, but right now I am talking about keyboards. To be more specific, I am talking about my keyboard. 

(Here comes the sad part...)

After having my iMac desktop for 4 years it is sad to say that my keyboard has finally given its last breath. Keys are not working properly and I have tried remedy possible, but nothing really worked. One thing that I have learned over the years is that the wireless keyboard is not the best option no matter how advanced it is.

There have been times when I was in my writing groove only to see the keyboard lose connection because the batteries needed to be charged. After a while I just made the decision to change to a USB keyboard when I needed to. (This is that moment.)

Since none of the stores around me carried the type of keyboard that I want, I just ended up ordering one from eBay and now it may not come in until this upcoming Friday. That is a long time to go without having a regular keyboard seeing that one of my jobs is pretty much writing most of the day. Currently I am writing from my iPad Logitech wireless keyboard, which is fine for the time being, but it was only meant to be used for side work and traveling purposes. 

I'm going to try and get all of my blog posts done ahead of time because with this keyboard I will have to spend a little more time on my actual client work. On top of all this... now I have run out of space on my desktop computer hard drive! I think this is a sign for me to just take a week off of work completely (haha)! 

How is your weekend going so far? I wanted this post to be slightly sarcastic instead of being serious. I hope you all take it as a "laugh at my pain" from a comedic standpoint. This hurts oh so much right now (haha)! Cue the sad music!