5 Reasons Why You Should Become Part Of The #TipsyChat Community

I know that I have talked about this slightly in one blog post, but I think that it deserves it's very own blog post. Now that I have become pretty active on Twitter, I have seen so many amazing things that Facebook rarely offers... a place where people have no problems holding real "adult" conversations.

With this new cover page that I have showing my most recent tweets, I think it's time I share with you all what I do on my Tuesday night. I'm also telling you this so you are not blindsided by the plethora of tweets/answers that look like I am talking to myself. 

Megan Johnson (aka Tipsy Writer) is such an amazing human being that I have not met in person (yet). One thing that is pretty known in the blogger society is that you can actually get to know a person as if you could in person just by reading their blog posts. I read Megan's blog posts every day and I have to say that my favorite blog post of her's so far is 10 Interesting Facts About Introverts. Once I release this blog post I am going to use one of her facts as the main quote on the home page. 

Now that I have this on my mind... I definitely need to get Megan on the Bloggers Around The World series. (This is literally me thinking out loud and making sure that I get on the ball with BATW with her and overall.)

Now that you all have a slightly detailed introduction of the person behind #TipsyChat, now it is time for me to put on my car salesman hat. Here are 5 reasons why you (especially if you are a writer/blogger) should join us on Twitter when #TipsyChat

1. What else are you really doing on a Tuesday night? 

For me personally my Tuesday's are pretty mundane in regards to what I have to do work wise. While I could easily go out just because I'm a grown adult and all, I just tend to stay in on Tuesday's. However, I literally have #TipsyChat down in my schedule every Tuesday night! I generally catch myself cooking dinner most Tuesday's and end up rushing just because I don't want to miss any part of it at all (haha). 

2. Start your week off on a positive note.

We all know that Monday's are typically mundane and depressing (especially if you have the regular work schedule and Monday is the beginning). Tuesday is typically the same, yet #TipsyChat will definitely help boost your morale and mindset throughout the entire week. For me personally I remember the first Tuesday I was a part of it. It felt more like good friends that I have known for years hanging out with each other (via Internet of course).

3. You get to learn from different perspectives. 

Every week Megan chooses a topic that we talk about and asks a variety of questions about it. Sometimes I answer a question, add a relatable GIF for laughs, then read and respond to other people's answers. While no questions have right or wrong answers, it is absolutely amazing to read how other people answer a question, then take a step back and look at my answer again. Although 140 characters can be pretty tight on full answers, I make 2-part answers when needed (and also when I can answer in a sarcastic and serious manner appropriately). 

4. The new friends that you can make during the time you are there. 

One thing that I have always found fascinating is being able to make friends that I have not met in person (yet) on social media. Typically most of the people that I have met from social media have become some of my best friends. Because of Megan and #TipsyChat, I have virtually met a lot of amazing individuals that I would have no problem traveling to their part of the world to meet them in person and have a cup of coffee or lunch. 

5. Megan is pretty awesome with how she has brought her community together. 

On top of my ever growing love/hate relationship with Facebook, #TipsyChat is definitely a factor as to why I have become more active on Twitter. I joined Twitter in 2010 just because it seemed cool. However, I could never get the purpose of Twitter and I truly hated it. Now I can't stay off of Twitter! I actually feel behind that I only have 6,470+ tweets, yet people who have been on for one year have 20,000 tweets! What Megan has created with her community is something that I genuinely appreciate and I am happy to be part of. As much as I would like to keep #TipsyChat a secret, I guess you all can know about it now. 

Typically #TipsyChat starts around 8:30pm (EST), however, if you follow Megan on Twitter she gives a countdown before she actually starts it. I also tend to either retweet her countdown or start letting everyone know on my own. 

Now that you have read my 5 reasons of why you should become part of the #TipsyChat community I expect to see you there on Twitter this Tuesday!