#WeekendCoffeeShare: Officially Starting My Patreon!

Today is Sunday, which means it is technically still the weekend! Yes, go get you some coffee and a croissant. I have some news to share with you all. 

A little while ago I decided to start a Patreon campaign for all of my websites. However, I didn't have everything setup the way that I envisioned it so I decided to start over. Now that I have it exactly the way that I want it, it's time to re-release it! To become part of my Patreon campaign feel free click here for all of the juicy details. 

For those who do not know what Patreon is... Patreon is an online website that allows for content creators to start campaigns and reward their Patrons with exclusive perks by helping them crowdfunding money. Sometimes content creators ask for help when it comes to traveling to see fans or purchase equipment that they need to create new content.   
This is where you all come in for me. 
Now that I am striving for my next benchmark here of 300 blog posts, I fall more in love with blogging every single day. In addition to the latter, I'm pretty happy with the plans that I have in store for Nerds Realm and Chef & Coffee as well. Just like many new blogs the beginning can look a little bit slow. However, I am pretty confident in the way that I have structured my daily schedule to where I can write great quality articles/blog posts on each website every single day. 

To specifically touch on Nerds Realm, for those who do not know this, I am working on starting a Twitch channel. For the past few months I have been looking around at gaming computers and specs. My first goal is to invest in a computer gaming station that I will use for streaming games on Twitch. 

Now that I have picked everything out I have made my Patreon goal $2,000 as it will cover the cost of everything. I picked mostly basic necessities and the specs that are definitely needed (back up hard drive, cooling fan, and anti-virus program subscription).

I am definitely not trying to splurge or ask for some crazy amount especially with this being my first gaming PC. 

I would definitely appreciate if you all could share and donate to my Patreon as I will definitely appreciate any amount given. We shall see how this goes and no matter how much we raise I am going to continue creating blog posts, articles, and content as normal. Thanks everyone and have a great week!