#WeekendCoffeeShare: Milestone 200 Blog Posts Complete!

Yes it is the weekend already! Did the week go by pretty quickly for everyone else or is it just me? Anyways, I am elated to finally let you all know that I have officially hit 200 blog posts here! While I did miss the celebration blog post that I wanted to do, I guess that means I should pay more attention to when I hit 300 blog posts! 

To be more exact, this is blog post 207 and I have been so bust that I actually missed the whole 200 blog post celebration that I wanted to do. Nonetheless, I am pretty excited that I have actually hit this milestone.

As I look at my archive list and see that between 2013-2015 I was only able to write 66 blog posts, I feel happy about the hard decision I made to finally work for myself full time. Of course I didn't work for myself like I do now and I never had this kind of time to put in to my own work during that time frame compared to now. 

My goal this year alone was set at 300 blog posts (for this year collectively). Currently I am at 141 (including this blog post) and I think that if I continue to start doing 2-a-day blog posts, then I should be able to reach this goal pretty soon. I know that it has been a little bit of time since I have released an interview on the series Bloggers Around The WorldDon't worry... new features have been in the works and there will be some new bloggers becoming part of the series soon. 

Through this blog I have been able to fully express my thoughts and opinions about specific subjects/topics that I am passionate about. Many people agree with me and many people disagree with me. For the most part constructive criticism and conversations have been given/received from me and my readers.

I want to foster the type of environment where everyone can have their voices, thoughts, and opinions heard. All because I am writing the blog posts does not mean that I am right all of the time. Now I am never coming from the perspective of being intentionally wrong just to sound right (that would be disingenuous of me). I am susceptible to learning new things from different perspectives. If I thought that I was always right, I wouldn't know 50% of the things that I know today. 

For old readers you all know that I am a huge nerd and love learning (new readers... well now you know my personality haha). If I do not learn anything new on daily basis, then I feel like that day is wasted. I don't like wasting time, so I never let that happen. Even if I just learn something new about designing the blog I am happy with that. 

That's all that I have for you here today! I have a lot more coffee to drink and a large to-do list to take care of. I am planning on releasing new articles over on Nerds Realm and Chef & Coffee (yes I know, I know... I'm late) today as well. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I can't wait to continue taking you all with me on this crazy journey we call my life through this blog.