If You Only Like The Truth/Facts When It Benefits You... You Are The Problem With Society

Have you ever talked to someone (family, friend, or stranger) and no matter how much truth/facts you share with them, they will persist with being right? You ever present truth/facts/logical opinions to someone and they say you are wrong, yet one of their best friends (or their significant others) say the same exact thing, and then they think what you said coming from someone else is now true/facts/logical opinions?

Yeah me too on more occasions than I care to count!

For some odd reason people today have this sense of entitlement so ingrained in their minds that no matter what anyone tells them, if it does not benefit their opinion, agenda, or narrative... you are wrong not them. I don't understand how someone could have such a mindset that the truth means agreeing with them no matter illogical their opinions may be.

Here is how I personally look at it. No matter what the topic or subject may be, if it warrants factual information then that's what I need to bring to the table. I understand that even if I do the latter that I can still be wrong. Someone can bring new information that I may not know of. I could have gathered wrong information or misinterpreted the situation.

The purpose of learning includes recognizing that there are different perspectives to most things (aka two sides to every story). There are times when I was fully prepared for a discussion and learned something new from an opposing opinion that I never knew about or looked at from their perspective.

The moment I recognize that someone is not willing to have an open-mind when I provide facts and they use memes or non-credible resources to prove their points, I stop talking to them. I don't like holding conversations with brick walls (metaphorically speaking). No matter what I say, a brick wall does not retain what it hears.

Have you ever experienced similar situations like I have in this regard? What do you do when you realize people just don't accept the truth unless it benefits them?

To those that fit the bill... yes I am specifically talking about you! If you don't like the truth when it does not benefit/favor you, then you are part of the reason why others think most of society is disingenuous, blind to the truth, and too entitled for their/youron good.