Why Is Having High Standards Now Considered "Unrealistic Standards" In Society?

In today's society (unfortunately) individuals are no longer be held accountable for the standards in which they should innately possess. I remember growing up and being told constantly "if you are going to do anything, don't half ass it, do it to the highest of standards."

Being high maintanaced was rarely looked down upon because it was common sense to do so. However, it seems that mindset is åquickly fading away for ignorant reasons.

Individuals today like to blame everyone for their faults and low standards except themselves. Individuals like myself who will never conform to anything less than the best are now being ridiculed for having "unrealistic standards." I don't know how this shift in logical paradigm shifted away, but it is quite annoying to witness first hand.

To say and condemn one for having these unwritten unrealistic standards is disingenuous to put it nicely. Every single human is accountable for the standards that they have. There should be no water down of high standards just because many "feel" as if because they cannot put their mind to it and stop being lazy that everyone else should just follow suit.

There are a variety of avenues that "unrealistic standards" apply, yet I will touch on a few of them here.

Beauty standards

I will touch upon this one first because I do disagree to a degree how individuals perceive beauty standards. As the old mantra goes "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" which is true. However, this does not mean that everyone on the outside looking in have to agree with. If you feel confident in your beauty, then that is completely fine. In the same token, that does not mean others have to think the exact same. Everyone is entitled to think and believe what they truly believe is beautiful to them and what is unattractive to them.

The main issue here in society today is body types for both men and women.

Men are typically judged upon how toned/muscular their body is or how tall they are (which no one can naturally control). When it comes to the dating world, men are not given the same lead way/excuses based off of "feelings" to meet as women are (which I will cover next). Generally speaking, men (heterosexual or gay) are simply supposed to accept that if someone is not physically attracted to them, either they meet the standards of their interest or simply step aside.

This type of unwritten law and rhetoric that heterosexual men are just supposed to accept a woman's body type "as is" exudes that heterosexual men in specific are not supposed to have their own body type preferences respectively to women. Just accept what is being perpetuated or be labeled as a misogynist/sexist. A new social trend of saying "all women are beautiful no matter what" is subjective. However, when was the last time you actually heard a woman say (or be obligated to say) by social pressure "all men are beautiful no matter what" in person or on social media?

Women are also judged upon their body, but in different manners. The new trend of "curvy" has sparked a lot of controversy. In the dating world, women (again heterosexual or lesbians) are giving the lead way of saying "except me how I am or not at all." The latter is a controversy as it negates the entire purpose of gender equality that many women seek today (which I will also touch on later here). On one hand women are able to justify what their romantic interest body type is whether it is normal or unrealistic by the perception of models (specifically male models).

Choices/standards of not wanting to be a step parent

This applies to both parties as I see it way too often in person and on social media. I personally grew up with the mindset of my normal standards being one wife and one woman of my children. I'm not changing that mindset no matter what anyone thinks.

People (men and women) have become so reckless with their sexual partners that they end up becoming baby daddies/baby mamas. Instead of simply taking precautions (men wearing condoms and women taking any of the 20+ birth control contraceptive options available) both parties blame each other for having unwanted kid(s) by the other. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that if you choose a sexual partner that does not show any interest in being your wife/husband or even in a serious relationship that you should probably not have kids by said person.

As much of a sarcastic joke this may be, it is also become a normality. Whether you are a male or female, if you are not with a significant other with no kids from previous relationships by the age of 25 years old, you mind as well accept that you will be a step-parent. Say that out loud. Now how pathetic does it sound?

To say that it is of unrealistic standards to think that anyone without kids now should still uphold their personal standards of one wife/husband and one mother/father of their children is asinine. To be even more specific, individuals who continue the cycle of staying in the same neighborhood/city/state their entire lives will eventually put their kids at risk of incest (unbeknownst to the kids). That sounds disgusting right?

Political standards

Respectably so we all see what is going on in the current presidential election in America. There are two major parties that have always existed since the beginning of American politics (Democrats and Republicans). As an independent myself, I know there is a very low chance we will ever see an independent nominee become president.

Keeping that in mind, I align to neither of the two major parties as both have their pros and cons. Individuals that support either side of the spectrum based off of their own standards does not mean that they have unrealistic standards, they just simply believe in what they want.

What can be considered as unrealistic standards is supposed friends no longer wanting to be your friend just because you two support different candidates/political parties. I have experienced this myself personally from now ex-friends whom never talk about politics at all until every presidential election comes around (every four years).

(Let the last sentence marinate in your mind for a few minutes.)

To be quite honest, I have no problem having constructive conversations with anyone about politics (especially those that don't believe what I personally believe).

As it should be known by now, I am voting for Hillary to become president. I have had many conversations (might I add heated conversations) with die hard Trump supporters in specific. While we may not agree on everything, we both know respectively that we just want who we think is threat candidate to win. We also leave understanding and respecting each other more because we (and I am only including friends/people that actually study politics) know that arguing facts for the sake of being right is quite ignorant. These are the friends that I want to keep around.

I know this was a long blog post, but I definitely think it is something that should be discussed more constructively and like grown adults.

What do you think about all of this? Are there any situations/topics/subjects where you think society truly does have unrealistic standards? Do you believe that the paradigm of having high standards has been watered down so much that it is no longer about right or wrong, or personal beliefs, but how people "feel" about not holding themselves accountable for reaching/living/maintaining high standards like they easily can?