Respect The Privacy Of An Introvert

Have you ever noticed an individual (kids and adults) be so shy that they would rather spend most of their days inside than outside? Are you one of those type of people? 

Yeah, I am an introvert too and damn proud of it! 

With all of the crazy mass murders and idiots running around the world, who wouldn't want to stay in the one place they can consider the safest? In all honesty, if I could just have everything set to me via Amazon Prime, I would cut my daily time outside by half! (Slightly joking, completely honest.)

Now don't get me wrong, being an introvert does not mean that someone is not willing to go outside or travel. Of course we have to go outside to get necessities (food, mail packages from UPS, gaming equipment, and office/general supplies). We also have to visit our friends whether they live right next door, in the next city, a few states away, or clear across the world. 

Not only does being an introvert correlate to the physical (IRL/in real life) being, but on social media as well. I know that there are a few friends whom simply create two Facebook accounts (one for their families and close friends, and another account for business/making new friends outside of their normal friends). Typically their regular friends/associates and families are the ones who causes commotion once realizing that they have a 2nd page and why they are not friends on both accounts. 

Calm down... you are not entitled to know everything about someone just because of association. While we should always practice respecting everyone's privacy in today's society, it is crucial to respect the privacy of an introvert. Us introverts have no problem letting people know what's going on in our lives... if we want to tell you.

For me personally, it becomes a bit annoying when individuals want to know everything that is going on in my life (even private things), yet the only time we talk are when I reach out to them. I know there are some friends whom are genuinely busy 24/7 (aka the entrepreneurs), we just talk whenever is possible because that's understandable. Regular friends though... it's almost as if they don't care about privacy or the fact that as an entrepreneur (in specific) our paydays are not guaranteed by a 9-5 schedule every 2 weeks.

A good portion of the old friends I have let go are because they simply didn't want to respect my privacy. I work for myself now and I work at home. Unlike before, going outside for me was only if I needed to be out for a reason, to shoot some photography, attend an event, or simply meet up with friends at other locations/venues. 

Even if you are a close friend/family member of an introvert, if they don't want to tell you something, just understand it is what it is. The more you keep on pressing information you don't need to know anyways, the easier you make it for us to kick you out of our lives (whether it is slowly, quickly, or on a less frequent basis).

If you are an introvert, what do you think about all of this? Do you wish people would just simply respect your privacy more or have you already kicked them out of your life?