#WeekendCoffeeShare: My Excitement For New Photography

Alright all you cool people, normally I always have my coffee before or as I am writing for the weekend. However, I want to spend a little bit of extra quality time outside today. I am going to keep this blog post pretty brief as I have already made my coffee and I am ready to enjoy the weather! 

For one year I have been keeping an extremely low-profile when it comes to my photography. Over time I have explored a ton of new and old areas in addition to playing around with new ideas that I've never thought about in my past photos. One thing that I love about being a fine-art photographer is that I take into my life experiences and make them into visual stories.

As you can probably tell, a year for me in the mindset of independence (working for myself) has felt like being in the hyperbolic chamber (Dragonball Z reference). For those who do not know the latter... one year inside of the chamber is essentially one day in the real world. However, within this chamber, your strength and skills are pushed to the absolute limits. This is what I feel like my photography is now and once I come back outside to the real world (start releasing new photos) the growth will definitely be noticeable. 

I am not going to share an exact date as to when I will release a new photo. However, I may throw out a few hints on my Twitter and those whom are following me there will get instant notifications about it! 

As stated earlier, this post will be brief and I need to get to my coffee asap! I hope you all have an amazing week and I cannot wait to start sharing new photos with you all again! :)