Hey People In Society... It Is Okay To Be Wrong

As time progresses one would think that society as a whole would progress, you know, just like technology has (for the better). Unfortunately, that is not the case for the most part. While I am completely open for change in any regards, I ponder back on what I seen society as from the eyes as a kid and I'm quite jealous. 

We live in a society today where individuals simply do not like being wrong. No matter what the topic of discussion is (politics, sports, TV shows, general opinions, etc) it is not uncommon anymore to see people literally debate/argue facts. I have personally held conversations in person and online with these types of individuals and it is quite annoying to say the least. 

I'm starting to wonder what happened to the common mantra "agree to disagree" when it comes to opinions alone. Are people literally becoming incapable of thinking that they are ever wrong? Over time instead of wasting any time on people who believe their opinions (especially with no credible facts or common sense) I just stop talking to them all together. I mind as well talk to a brick wall if I want the same level of responses and logic (whether I agree with said brick wall or not).

Again... there is a major difference between agreeing to disagree and literally being a bigot just for the sake of wanting to be right (even when you are not even close to right).

Nonetheless when facts from credible sources (and common sense) are presented, some people will either deflect from them, complain about unrelated issues, or make comparisons that make absolutely no sense at all. 

Is there a logical reason as to why people do not think that they are ever wrong? Is this type of mindset becoming a popular modern trend because of this overwhelming sense of entitlement (aka everything should go my way or it is wrong) mentality that is being fostered and taught on a daily basis?