My Thoughts On Donald Trump's Official Nomination

What some people (even myself) never thought would happen actually happened this week. Donald Tump is officially the Republican nominee for president of the United States. I remember just a year ago that even mentioning Trump would win the nomination was a snarky joke. Initially many did not took him seriously in the world of politics. However, no matter what one may think, Trump was actually the underdog in the pool of Republican candidates. 

Well, this is no longer a joke anymore ladies and gentlemen!

This goes to show how quickly American politics and the thoughts of part-time political experts (whom are only around once every 4 years... aka presidential election season) can change an individual/society.

I've always looked at Trump as a great entrepreneur respectively and I still do. I never thought he would be good in the world of politics because it is simply not his lane. On top of that, we all see how people (general population and media of all sizes) have drug his past and name as much into the ground as they possibly can.

That is the world of American politics... say everything bad about your opponent, but act as if they have done nothing good in their lives ever. While non-Trump supporters will keep trying to say he is racist (when the correct term 60-70% of the time is actually "prejudice"), I wish him nothing but the best. Of course I don't want him to win though (haha). 

I will simply focus on Hillary's campaign since she is who I am voting for. I have no care to slam Trump for anything when I can use that time to support Hillary and help her win in any way that I individually can. 

By the end of this month the stage will officially be set. The Democratic National Convention will start in 4 days. Within those 4 days, Hillary will officially be nominated as the Democrat nominee for president! The question that looms over everyone's heads (well at least mine)... 

Who will be Hillary's Vice President? I'm truly hoping she chooses Sen. Elizabeth Warren!