How To Manage Your Time On A Daily Basis

Alright everyone get into the huddle here... don't be afraid, no one can bite you through the computer/mobile device screen (haha).

While I am a pretty organized person when it comes to my personal and work day, I understand that there are days when I just lose track of time. It happens to the best of us, which is why I never feel bad at all when I lose track of time.

I actually look at it as a great thing that I am extremely productive on a daily basis. While it is rare that I may think it is 12:00pm when it is really 2:00pm, I'm completely fine with admitting I have my mess ups. 

I consider myself to be pretty busy on a daily basis. I also know for a fact that there are individuals that are way more busier than I am. Sometimes it would be amazing to have an assistant to help out, however, not everyone necessarily needs an assistant to get the job done. 

Here are a few tips as to how you (and myself since I practice what I preach) can manage your time on a daily basis. These tips are fitting to every day individuals and entrepreneurs!

1. Set yourself up on a schedule the day/night before. 

If you have a pretty consistent schedule, you know for a fact how it will be. While it may seem mundane, there are areas in which you can spice up your day (which we will touch on a little bit later). Whether you work mostly during the day or night, once your work day is fine, take a well deserved break. After that, quickly jot down the tasks you need to get done tomorrow in addition to when you need to start work.

Create a timeline that you know is manageable to accomplish. Structuring your day out like this will not only make your down time more calming (mentally), but the beginning of your next work day as well. 

2. Take breaks when you start to feel exhausted.

No matter if you are feeling mentally exhausted of physically exhausted, understand that you taking a break is completely fine. While this may not be a huge luxury many get when working for someone else, taking a break can literally mean slowing down and taking a breather. There is nothing wrong with you being a work horse (trust me, when I worked in restaurants as a line cook/chef, I understand being busy for 4 hours straight without a break).

Whether it is a few seconds, a few minutes or even an hour, gathering your composure is key to being efficient throughout your work day.   

3. Be confident in your skills and keep the passion.

Whatever your profession may be, you are in it for a reason right? I'm pretty sure if every professional in every industry could have their way, every day would be perfect. Unfortunately, we do not have that kind of control (yet). Even when there are days that might not be the best, keep in mind it is not the end of the world. 

(Now I guess you are wondering what does this part have to do with managing your time... it's coming!)

The best way for you to stay confident and keep that burning passion going for your career/work is to continue improving on your skills. Learn as much as you possibly can every single day. Even if you can sit down and read one book, one article, one video, or practice a few minutes/hours a day, set some time to the side in your schedule for educational purposes. 

Hopefully these tips help you all in any way that they possibly can. How do you manage your time on a daily basis? In my opinion there is no ceiling when it comes to learning how others manage their time. As stated before, I know some people are actually way busier than I am and their/your suggestions can definitely be beneficial to others as well. 

Alright time to get out of the huddle team. On 3 scream "we got this." 1... 2... 3! WE GOT THIS!