#WeekendCoffeeShare: I'm Official Now! (New Blu Collar Group Position!)

For those who have read my Entrepreneurs Around The World series, you already know that my older brother Keith has a non-profit organization called Blu Collar Group. If you are behind, you can catch up here with the interview/feature we did in May.

Now to get on with the good news...

After much consideration (well not much because it was an immediate yes on my end haha) with helping him as much as I can, I am excited to officially announce that I am now a member of Blu Collar Group's Marketing/Committee board! It is pretty cool to now have an official position with the group because I firmly believe it is something our hometown (Kansas City, Kansas) definitely needs.

While I do have a personal love/hate vendetta for my hometown, it is pleasing to see that somebody is finally doing something great for the community on an independent level. I do have a little bragging rights in regards to becoming an entrepreneur before him (haha), but that's more of a friendly brother competition thing.

My role essentially consists of helping out and maintaining a social media presence. I will assist with the Twitter and Facebook accounts for Blu Collar Group. I will also release blog post updates here as well. Plus I will be working on their blog as well in addition to providing photography necessities for them when I can during events and... well marketing purposes of course!  

I would love to share some new things that me and Keith have been talking about now, but we'll save that for a later date.

I can say that I will be traveling back and forth to Kansas way more than I ever have... which may or may not include food/cooking purposes on my end.

Is this going to end as a cliffhanger you ask? Yes, yes it is, so stay tuned for new updates! :)