What Does It Mean To Be A Bonafide Nerd In Today's Society?

Not too long ago being a nerd (whether in school as a kid/teenager or as an adult) was not the "cool" thing to be. Typically the people who wear glasses, read Harry Potter books, and play video games on the weekends, instead of going to parties/clubs were considered lame to the outside world. 

However, people in society today always has a way of picking up a trend and running with it. Doesn't matter about the negative connotations one used to have about said trend. If their favorite celebrity/public figure/music artist says that it is cool, then to them it is cool.

So what does it mean to be a bonafide nerd in today's society? 

Having a genuine interest in nerd culture

As stated earlier, reading books such as Harry Potter is pretty much the start/epitome of being a nerd. For all of the nerds that read the series completely, you know how many pages you spent days and weeks turning. When J.K. Rowling gave the green light for Harry Potter movies, for nerds who read the books, we were in for a real treat! It was quite clear to look back and watch the nerds that read the books, and those who had no idea what Harry Potter (characters and story plot) was even about. 

The fashion you grew up wearing is now "cool"

Your glasses (whether slim or bi-focal size), overalls/suspenders, t-shirts with video game/anime characters, putting stickers on your laptop, and even taking out pictures from magazines to post on your walls... yeah keep on doing all of that! Remember, you are the trendsetter here (and if you are young, you are now the new trendsetters of your nerd ancestors haha)! Once society finds something new to cling on to like a venus fly trap, you will have your own genuine sense of style that will once again be "uncool" to everyone except nerds. 

Pokémon was cool to you before Pokémon GO!

Pokémon has been around for 20 years now and I remember watching the anime show faithfully every day before going to school. Eventually I was able to play the video games on Gameboy and the rest is history. It is quite hilarious honestly to see the same people that would make jokes of me playing Pokémon on my Nintendo 3DS XL every single day now amped for Pokémon GO. Acting as if they are die hard fans of the series shows just how much of a bandwagon society we nerds live in today. If the only Pokémon you know by name are Pikachu, Charmander/Charizard, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Rattata (just because of Pokémon GO), sorry, but you are a bandwagon fan not a nerd. 

As you all know, being a nerd is pretty much my personality type if it could ever be classified as such. That's the entire reason why I started Nerds Realm to begin with! I can see this being a mini series, so stay tuned for a part two in the near future. Until then, all you bonafide nerds keep being the smart, funny, gaming, anime/cartoon watching individuals that you are!