My New YouTube Channel + New Pokémon Showdown Draft League News!

For the past week I have been releasing new news about starting my Twitch channel plus my new shiny hunting series for Pokémon (#KTShinyHunting) over on Nerds Realm. Now I have even more new news for you all...

I will also be starting a brand new YouTube gaming channel, which I am currently building here! Of course with it being gaming there will be a ton of Pokémon content on their (especially when Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is released this November). In addition to Pokémon (Nintendo 3DS), I just got word that there is a brand new Pokémon Showdown Draft League in the works! 

Kyle Aye Founder of the P4G (Pokémon For Glory) league just announced that his friend is starting a new draft league and I want in on it! With my new YouTube being extremely brand new (literally), here is where I need your help. One of the main requirement is that my YouTube channel has at least 50 subscribers. This is simply for making sure there is a good foundation for all of the trainers to have and eventually grow (individually and together as a league). 

You all know how much Pokémon is pretty much a big part of my life and I want to start sharing these experiences with you all as well. If you follow me on Twitter, you will definitely see me pushing this campaign frequently!

Not only will this be a cool opportunity for me personally, but for both YouTube and Twitch channels that you all will be able to enjoy at your leisure. In addition to the latter, this is a way for more trainers to meet each other from around the world, help each other's channels grow, and most importantly have a great time with friendly competition. 

Alright y'all lets make this first goal happen... 50 subscribers on the new YouTube channel! I will begin working on an introduction video for the channel here shortly, which I will also release on here, Nerds Realm, and Twitter simultaneously so keep an eye out for that coming soon.