I'm Thinking About My Future... And I See Twitch In It!

Two days ago I slightly hinted/quietly threw out in the air that I plan on streaming in the near future. I talked about streaming in this article that also includes my new project #KTShinyHunting and I want to elaborate on this a little bit. 

I am extremely excited to announce that I am working on all the details and what not to becoming a Twitch streamer! For the past year alone I have been able to watch more video game streams that ever before. It has been such a pleasure to watch my favorite Twitch streamers (which I will release on Nerds Realm pretty soon). 

My name on Twitch is The Dark Gardevoir and the link is (www.twitch.tv/thedarkgardevoir)! The reason why I chose the name is because Gardevoir is my favorite Pokémon of all time. If I was to have one partner in the same manner Ash has Pikachu, it would be Gardevoir. When she is in her shiny mega evolved form with the black dress, she is a beast!

Of course a vast majority of Twitch streamers goal is to become a member of the Twitch Partner Program (which is what I will strive for). However, Twitch streamers all (excluding the fraud obviously) have one thing in common... a genuine love for video games and being around like minded gamers. 

For those whom are not familiar (just as a disclaimer), yes Gardevoir can be a male or female, I choose to refer to my Gardevoir in game as her because she's a female (duh)! Every Gardevoir I have always had were females, so there goes information for the newbies whom are just now catching up to Pokémon logistics just because of Pokémon GO. 

 Photo credit: IceNinjaX77 (Deviantart)

Photo credit: IceNinjaX77 (Deviantart)

When I say I am working on details all of it includes scheduling, content (including the games I will be playing), and the marketing/promoting end (of course which I will be doing solo). As you all know Pokémon is pretty much my life, so I will definitely stream Pokemon Sun/Moon (I'm getting Moon first and Sun second). Other games will depend upon release dates and what not. 

I am definitely looking to start by November as I will again have to take care of the behind-the-scenes things. Equipment/things such as getting a capture card for my Nintendo 3DS, a green screen, and of course learning more about designing layouts.

Of course (like always) if I can do it on my own, then I will learn how to do it. The latter is the main reason why I am planning so far in advance. Over time I will be incorporating more Twitch related blog posts/articles on both here and Nerd Realm accordingly. 

So that's the amazing new news that I have for you all today heading into the weekend! I hope you all enjoy the ret of your day/night and weekend. Back to watching two streams while working and shiny hunting plus working all at the same time. ^_^