What To Expect During The Democratic National Convention

By now everyone in the country knows this great bit (or terrible depending on which side you are on) news that has unfolded this week. Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed (and swore under no oath) to help Hillary become the next president of the United States. For those who are not too thrilled about the decision because you just don't like Hillary for whatever reason, or you now despise Bernie (your once beacon of hope) for his decision... I told you so! 

I am extremely happy that Bernie has finally come to his senses here! His campaign was decent, but overall he is just not the best person for the position (in my opinion). Now this does need to be mentioned for those that do not pay attention to all of the details. Bernie has not officially suspended his campaign (why I don't know, maybe some sort of display of resilience... whatever) yet.

Technically he can still continue on his old promise of a contested convention if he wants. However, that would be a complete contradiction of his promise during the latest speech with Hillary in Vermont. Who knows what will really happen at that point, but it's pretty clear that Hillary has this in the bag. 

Here is the laughable part about this entire situation. Bernie supporters (well some are ex-Bernie supporters now) have jumped ship! Yep, the same exact people that have no problem labeling someone a flip-flopper if they so fit will not label themselves the same term. Without second though or hesitation, many of Bernie's ex-supporters are now abandoning him and going to any other option that they can (of course without doing any due diligent research at all).

Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are the two third party individuals that have picked up some attention as they cast their names into the ring. Bernie's supporters and others who have no idea who they want to vote for are choosing one of them. Granted most of the excuses are similar...

"Why pick two of the lesser evils when their are other options?"
"I will choose anyone, but Hillary or Trump... anyone!" 
"Who are those new people? Doesn't matter, I'm with them!"

It's ironic that they would quickly turn their backs on the same man they once held so much "loyalty" to right? 

The same mentality of just choosing whomever is not Hillary or Trump is a factor as to why Bernie ended up losing this battle. Majority of his supporter are individuals/Millennials that have little to no idea what American politics is about let alone the basic voter rules/laws set in place.

Bernie did not receive enough delegates and superdelegates because he was not a good candidate. Bernie lost because his supporters simply had no idea how to play the game (metaphorically speaking) correctly in their favor. Bernie is in fact an amazing politician with great intentions for the country. While I don't think he is best to be president, hopefully Hillary picks him up to be part of her cabinet in some way shape or form (if Bernie agrees to it as well of course). 

The DNC will be held between July 25th, 2016 - July 28th, 2016. While many individuals are hoping for Bernie to make some grand comeback and keep to his word of a contested convention... that is definitely not going to happen at this point.

It would be nice to see everyone simply unite together and fight against Trump (which Bernie nor Hillary supporters want to be president at all). Unfortunately, the same stubborn individuals/Millennials that will just keep changing sides unless they get their exact way will most likely be the ones causing issues (hopefully minor) when it comes to reuniting the Democratic party for this general election season. 

Hillary will stay poised as always and deliver an amazing acceptance speech! I don't know yet if Obama will attend the convention, but hopefully he does as it would be a great addition overall to the environment. I highly doubt that there will be any superdelegates changing their decision at this point. If any does, I will be shocked! 

What do you all think of the outcome? Are you happy, pissed, on the fence? Let your opinions be heard in the comment section below! (And of course keep it civil even if you have differences!)