Black General Population... Stop Demanding From Black Celebrities What You Won't Do Yourself

As like many trends that happen today, the general population will say and do whatever they think is right for them even if it means hurting someone else. Are the situations of police brutality appalling? Yes, without question! However, this does not mean that you can try and force your agenda on someone else, especially a celebrity you have no direct contact with. 

The meme above has been circulating social media for quite a while now. Others have been pinpointed towards other black celebrities and sports players in specific. BLM activists/pro-blacks/African-Americans have been calling out and demanding black celebrities/public figures to speak out about the murders of blacks/African-Americans caused by police.

In this meme specifically, the motive is to stop buying any of Jordan's popular shoes if he does not say anything publicly about what is going on in regards to police brutalities against black/African-Americans right now. 

For those whom are unbeknownst to what Jordan actually contributes to the black/African-American community in general is more than most give him credit for. Jordan has been involved with a plethora of charities including the Special Olympics, UNCF/College Fund, the Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America and more.

To get a more in-depth analysis of what Jordan contributes to the black/African-American/minority general population, check out this article written by ESPN Senior Writer Scoop Jackson in 2014. 

If they (black/African-American celebrities/public figures) do not publicly speak out, then the general public (more so the black/African-American communities) should stop supporting them and buying their merchandise. Is this the American society we live in right now? Do what we say or we will not support you no matter what you personally think about the situation because you are a celebrity/public figure... oh and you are black/African-American. 

So let me get this straight. Black/African-American celebrities and sports players should stop working (temporarily or permanently) until something significant is done about police brutality right? Those individuals should sacrifice their income and their jobs that pays their bills and takes care of their families just for a social movement just because of their notoriety/money?

Yes we know they make a substantial amount of money compared to the average citizen. They have worked their entire lives to obtain the amount of money they make. Are you going to give up your job for the cause? Are you going to boycott working at your job, lose income, possibly become behind on your bills, eventually sacrifice putting food on you/your family's table for the cause?

It makes absolutely no sense to try and force them to do something for your agenda. Who is to know if they are actually doing something behind the scenes that none of us know about. Who is to demand the financial help from any celebrity/public figure towards your cause... or else?

There is no logical excuse to say "well they make more than enough money to stop working, I don't. I have to keep working." Stop asking black/African-American celebrities and public figures to make such a sacrifice that you will not do yourself. All because they are rich/wealthy does not mean that their bills are any less in a proportional standpoint. They have mortgages to pay for. They have car bills, business fees, personnel payrolls to pay for. 

You do realize that if these black/African-American celebrities/public figures stepped down from their jobs that it will trickle down right? Their personnel also have families and bills to pay for. Yeah, lets stop supporting them too in the long run essentially taking away money from their families too right?

This is not some simple plan that can be executed and will do more good than harm. Stop being selfish and thinking of yourself/your agenda. Would it be great if they (the black/African-American celebrities/public figures) were on your side in the public? Yes, yes it would. Are they obligated to do so? Absolutely not! 

If you are willing to simply turn your back and bite the hands you want to help you, why would they want to be on your side? You're not genuinely being a fan of theirs, you are asking them... no demanding them to do as you say, yet you are asking for their help! 

What do you all think about this situation? Is it going too far to boycott black/African-American celebrities/public figures just because they are also of the same race and not "publicly" doing what the black/African-American general population/BLM activists want them to do? Is it justifiable?

To me personally, yes it is going too far and quite honestly! It goes to show a lack of logic by being selfish just to get what you want at the behest of a celebrities/public figure's expense. They have lives and families to take care of to! Either be a genuine fan and support them in their respective professions, or don't be a fan and stop supporting them altogether.