Where Have I Been This Month?

What was supposed to be just a few days (1 week max) break from blogging ended up turning into almost 2 weeks for me! This is not what I wanted, but of course there are legitimate reasons behind it (and I have also learned a lot during that time frame to bring back to my blogs/websites). 
In regards to the most important part of why I decided to take a break... I have been planning out things that I want to do for the next year. I have a ton of things that I want to accomplish and a variety of places in the world that I want to visit. Sometimes I wish that I could hire an assistant (but I really do like having full control of everything in my life). Hopefully I can release a few of those details pretty soon, but for now I am going to keep them under CIA lock and key in my mind, notes, and notebooks.

The other main reason why I decided to step back a little bit is just because of client work. I have to pay the bills right? 
That was supposed to last only one week... that is until America endured another week of murders by police and now a retaliation where 5 cops ended up dying. I will touch on those topics and my opinions in separate blog posts later on. However, I was able to have some amazing conversations with friends on Facebook.

(As much as I hate being on Facebook too much, it was necessary for these conversations. Eventually I will disappear from the public eye on there after this post and simply stay in gaming related closed groups.)

I cannot believe that I am living in this country where hate and racism is literally starting to make a 180. It is as if all the work, protests, fights, and good progression that our ancestors fought for was basically for nothing. 
Nonetheless, I thought I would share this with you all as to why I was gone, and now I'm back! Oh... and one more thing.

One month ago my Nintendo 3DS broke (I'm pretty sure I talked about it here). For one month I just focused on work instead of rushing to purchase another one immediately. It felt like an eternity when I would stop thinking about it for a few days and then randomly it hits me like a ton of nostalgic bricks filled with infatuation of love. 

Last week I ended up saying "enough is enough" waiting until some random date that I never set up. With all the new Pokémon GO news going on (which I still have not been able to play on a consistent basis), I wanted to play with my Pokémon on Alpha Sapphire even more.

Now I have a new 3DS! Not the exact one that I mentioned before because I was able to get a better deal, but I will definitely be buying backup 3DS systems as well due to the traveling and streaming that I want to do in the future! Although I'm not a big fan of red, I actually like how it looks on this 3DS. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!