Saying "Do Your Research" Insults People In Today's Society

It is becoming abundantly clear that technology has actually made some people more ignorant than smarter. We live in what is called "The Information Age" yet there are individuals that make me wonder is this all a dream. I don't know how this is even possible, but as the old mantra goes "never say never." (Yes, that was said way before Justin Bieber made it into a song millennials.) 

I cannot count how many times people have tried to have a debate with me about an article and never read the actual article (or doing any prior research). I honestly think individuals interpret/translate in their minds "you should do your research before discussing a serious topic/subject" as "f*** you, you are nothing but a stupid b****" at this point. If someone can help me out to understand this I would greatly appreciate it. 

The biggest form of realizing this is the presidential election. Now that Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton (yet has not officially suspended his campaign) a lot of his supporters are now jumping ship to other third part candidates (Gary Johnson and Jill Stein).

While it is quite funny to see that they are "disgusted" by Bernie now! After giving him all the praise ever, without hesitation they are willing to support new candidates without any knowledge of their background at all. (I'll go more in depth here on another blog post.) Flip floppers!

I would like to assume that even if I was not the nerd that I am now, it would make sense to know what I'm talking about before giving opinions. Even if I end up not being completely right, the least I can bring to any conversation is credible facts from the sources we have available. Google for crying out loud can help you find answers in a matter of seconds! 

The main reason I think this has become such a huge problem is because people do not like to be wrong anymore. People in society (scratch that... America's society) cannot fathom being wrong... ever! Even when the facts are clear as day, individuals will still play stupid just for the sake of being right. Some day this might be seriously looked into as a mental condition. For now the nice term that we can call these type of is bigots. 

What do you all think? Is it becoming an epidemic now that people are becoming too prideful to do simple research? Why do you think this is a problem in society now? Is it completely different in other parts of the world?