5 Key Reasons Men and Women Do Not Take Modern Day Feminism Seriously

This blog post is actually pretty long and something I think needs to be put out there. Instead of having a general introduction like I normally would with blog posts, I think the title introduces itself pretty clear as to what this is about.

1. Many women don't even support it.

The easiest way to know that a social movement of any kind that is specific towards one sector is a flop, is when there is not a majority following by its main subjects. Women who truly want gender equality like the roots of feminism started don't even call themselves feminists now. When women say they are not feminists, modern day feminists (women) become infuriated at them. By the modern day feminists logic, if you are a woman, then by default you should believe in their agenda no matter if it is illogical or you simply don't agree with it.

When feminism was initially created way before many of us were probably born, they truly wanted gender equality for all men and women. Equal pay, equal criticism for societal things (for example... being sexually promiscuous like men and not being labeled a ho or slut, when men do the same thing and get pats on the back for it).

I don't know what happened to the original mindset, values, and agenda of feminism, but I surely hope they come back soon. Those are the feminists that actually made logical sense not for the benefits of just themselves, but for society overall. 

2. Modern day feminists want superiority not equality.

By truly enacting a gender equality that means men or women would no longer get the societal benefits that they get just by being men or women. For example, feminists want gender equality across the board with everything, but still want to use the "no matter why or how much a woman hits a man, the man should never hit them back."

No, I do not condone in any way shape or form violence and physical harm by anyone for any reason other than self-defense. (Yes this includes domestic violence and again... no other justifiable reason other than self-defense.)

Gender equality literally means (to one degree) no gender will get to use gender specific benefits only when it works for them. That is just one example! I could go on because there are more, but then this would be an entire list/blog post on its own. Use common sense modern day feminists. You are not seeking gender equality, you are seeking gender superiority and you know it.

3. Reproduction and "legal" systematic handling of reproduction.

By no means do I think men (especially politicians) should have a say so when it comes to mandating women having abortions or a certain amount of kids.

(Let that marinate in your mind exactly how I wrote it, not how you try to translate it modern day feminists.)

It takes two to make a baby correct? Correct! In the worse case scenario (for men) if the condom breaks or they simply release sperm into a woman, by logic there is a good chance she will get pregnant. If women do not want a baby by a guy that got them pregnant for any reason (they don't like him, they don't see a future with him, or they don't want to get fat) they can have an abortion, have the child, or give the child up for adoption without the guy having any decision in it.

Now that is fine because it is their body and their choice (respectively) especially since they are the housing (per se) for babies. However, men do not have those options. If they (we) don't want to have a baby by you we are generally told "you should not have slept with her" or "you should have used a condom" even when we do. Where does the gender equality come in with this? If men don't want the baby, can they simply sign over all of their parental rights to the mother and just live their life without being labeled a deadbeat or "not a real man?" Women are not considered deadbeat moms or "not a real woman" when they have abortions right? 

How is it that if a man does not use a condom it is 100% his fault? Yes he is of course at fault to a degree for not wearing a condom (obviously) because if he does not use a condom in today's era, then he should know that he can be played/extorted for money (aka child support) by the woman (and the system if she chooses to go that route) if she does become pregnant.

(And of course for safety reasons a man should always wear a condom to not contract any sexually transmitted diseases in the best way possible. Especially if his sex partner is not his serious relationship girlfriend or wife and they have a clear understanding of each other. Mutual understanding is obviously up to discretion on the latter situations on a case by case basis.) 

How come modern day feminists do not question each other? What modern day feminists should be asking other women is "why did you let him have sex with you without a condom?" "Why did you not use birth control?" Modern day feminists don't take accountability for when they are wrong ever! Nonetheless, when they want sympathy, believe that they will create an outcry in hopes that things change in their favor (no matter how illogical and wrong they really are). 

If a man does not want to have a baby with said woman, then tough luck. Women know that the court system favors them before they even step in to a court. They can seek child support on the man/baby daddy whenever they please whether it is right after birth or 5 years down the line when he has moved on with another woman.

The only logical explanations as to why women have babies by random guys is because we all know women have an internal clock. We all know (or at least should know) women have "prime time young ages" of when having a baby is generally safe and when it can really become a risk at an older age for themselves and the baby. Women also know that they may never meet Mr. Right and have kids, so if they believe in the latter, then why not have every kid possible now instead of waiting for the perfect scenario?

4. Meninsts is somehow a problem. 

While the label was never a general term used in society, it became popular when a few men on Twitter started the Meninists Twitter account as sarcasm. However, in reality, this is not a laughing matter. 

Now that men have really taken it seriously, modern day feminists think that it is wrong and unjustified because men don't go through the same societal negatives that they have/do. Of course we as men don't go through the same issues (that's where the unwritten societal laws of double standards came from). Number 3 on this list is just one of many depictions of how men's rights are not even taken into consideration. 

Yes, men do get the short end of the stick in society, no one can refute that. Women think that society should not sexualize their breasts in display because breasts were made for breastfeeding kids (which I think is correct). However, that does mean by logic women must have kids to enact the human anatomy purpose of breastfeeding.

Funny how both men and women agree "if you want to walk around braless or with your breasts hanging out, do what you want. Yet if a guy has his penis (also a reproductive organ and an excretory organ) on display in public or in pictures, if he is not the hottest guy/celebrity male on the planet, then he is looked upon as a pervert, disgusting pig, child molester, the list goes on. Don't sexualize the breasts as it is a vital key for newborn babies (which I agree with), but definitely sexualize a penis despite its necessary functions outside of sex that a man needs.

5. Body shaming.

This will be the shortest reason on the list. Have you noticed that modern day feminists thinks no one should constructively criticize a woman's body shape/weight based off of what they think is attractive? Of course I don't condone bullying of any form (there I go thinking logically about gender equality) at all. When a "not so attractive" body type of a woman that can be seen with everyone's eyes is not highly desired, modern day feminists scream sexist and body shaming. However, they never scream those same "shameful terms" when women say anything along the lines "he has a little penis" when they disagree with a man for any reason, yet they have never seen said penis in their life. Funny right?

So now that y'all know my personal take (and many others including men and women who have said the sane facts) what do you all truly think about modern day feminism? Yes I would love for gender equality to be a norm in our society. When I have kids in the future, I don't want them to grow up in a worse "politically correct" society that we are currently living in right now.

Yes I think it is unfair how women do get treated in specific ways just for being a woman, in the same token that I do for men (without being biased just because I am a man). Unfortunately, gender equality may never exist and if anyone should take the majority of the blame (let's say 51% to be technical) modern day feminists will be the number 1 placeholder.