#WeekendCoffeeShare: This Tuesday... Hillary Will Clinch The Nomination!

For those who are Bernie supporters, this might not be the best coffee date we have here. However, if you do not mind having a cup of coffee and understanding this is a respectful conversation, then pull up your chair. 

On Tuesday June 7th, Hillary Clinton will obtain enough pledged and superdelegates combined to reach 2,383 to win the nomination. Currently she has 2323 as Puerto Rico votes (including 60 pledged delegates and 7 superdelegates up for grabs).

I am pretty excited as Hillary, her campaign team, and supporters such as myself can begin focusing solely on the general election. While Bernie still intends to continue forward until the DNC convention in July, he is simply wasting time to unify the Democratic Party against Trump.

It is respectable that Bernie wants to fight all the way through (really). Nonetheless, his attempts to have a debate in California with Hillary (who denied it) and Trump (who also denied after first accepting) should show the end is near.

Saying that the superdelegates don't matter until the convention is quite comical to say the least. Comical because Bernie believes all (if not at least majority) of Hillary's current superdelegates will switch to his side. Once they (if any Hillary superdelegates) switch to Bernie's side, then they will matter to Bernie and his supporters.

Soon Hillary will be the president of the United States making history on more levels than just her gender.  I will be ecstatic knowing that the best person for the job has won and will officially take her place in the White House on Inauguration day January 20th, 2017.

How do you think Tuesday will pan out? Do you think a contested convention could actually happen?