My First (One) Year "Working For Myself Anniversary!"

I cannot believe that this day even exists! On this day one year ago I took the major leap of faith to start working for myself and my businesses full time. If I said that the journey so far was all rainbows and unicorns, I would be lying.

The beginning phases I started out with no clients and scraping money just to eat. Yep, you are reading this right, me a chef who has cooked with the greatest of ingredients had to revert back to a ramen noodle and frozen pizza diet. No part of this journey has been easy.

There have been times when I thought "maybe I should go work in another restaurant just for the safety net of a consistent paycheck." Many days I have kept a smile on. My face like everything was great knowing in my ,ind and heart that I may just make $50 that day. Even as things progressed, one week I was on top of the world and the very next week I was back to being a struggling entrepreneur/artist.

I have no idea why people think working for yourself is way more ear easier than working for someone else.... it is not! There have been nights when I had to decide "should I pay for my websites/blogs to be up so I can keep working, or should I revert back to ramen noodles instead."

No part of this journey has been easy at all. On some nights I have literally fell asleep sending and responding to prospective clients hoping they chose me out of a pool of other candidates. While many individuals (non-entrepreneurs) don't embrace "the struggle" this is not the first time I have struggled. I even struggled when I was working for other restaurants knowing that a paycheck was guaranteed at the end of the pay period.

I don't care what anyone says now, I am humble enough to know how it feels to be at the top and at the bottom. Even if I say/write something that may come off as overly bragging, at this point right now, I deserve to brag! I literally made something out of nothing despite the criticism I received.

"Why are you struggling when you can just get a job anywhere literally?"

"When you fall on your ass and this entrepreneur stuff doesn't work out like you think, don't ask me for help."

"Just go get a job and then move on to your own entrepreneur journey!"

No matter what the critics have said (family and close friends) everyone knows for a fact that if I say something is getting done, then it is getting done! I don't even compare myself to my own mentors anymore,p. If they can do it, then so can I. No! If I have overcome the worse of scenarios, then I can definitely overcome this in due time.

Here comes the bragging part I think I deserve. Not only do I work for myself, I also contribute to two of the best media publishing companies (AXS/Examiner), o have my own clients now, and I have a book publishing deal!

This is the American Dream that I grew up hearing and understanding. Nothing easy is worth it and if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. People can say what they want.

"People of color and immigrants have it way harder than whites in America."

Yes to a degree that is obviously true. However, instead of crying wolf, my work ethic speaks for itself. Even if I (as a African American) had to work a little bit harder, so what! I worked harder not because of the stereotype/blanket statement, I worked harder because I love what I do, I practiced every single day, and now I can sustain on my own without ever clocking in on someone/some other company's clock.

I don't even care about bragging rights, I care about showing everyone else that you can achieve your dreams/goals no matter hat the obstacles are... if you want to.

Unlike many blog posts, there is no end question here. If you want full control of your life, dreams, and goals, understand that you have that control. Yes it will not be easy in the short term, however, in the long run, it will be worth it!

I cannot wait until I release my book "Ambition & Rebellion" independently and my book (which does not have an official title yet). At the end of the day, I want everyone to know and accept that nothing in life that is easy is worth having. If you want "fair share of the wealth" then you should also put in the fair share of work and stressful nights of empty bank accounts and ramen noodle/frozen food diets just like every other major CEO and independent entrepreneur has done.