#WeekendCoffeeShare: Mainstream Is No Longer The Main Goal

I remember growing up in the 90s and it did not matter what one did, we all knew that becoming "mainstream"  was the goal everyone wanted. Mainstream contacts back in the day typically resonated in our minds as "big paychecks, royalties, and a stress free financial life if we played our cards right."

However, we don't live in that era anymore and kids born in the 2000s most likely have no idea what I am talking about. (This just goes to show that I am seriously becoming an old man now... slow down Father Time!) 

The only area of society that still lives by the traditions of mainstream dreams are sports players. Now I know that their are lower tier leagues within a variety of sports... but keep on reading even further. 

Artists (including content creators, musicians, actors/actresses, photographers, journalists, authors, chefs, and more) are seeking independence first before any major company/record deals.

There are startup (independent) companies that help/partner/assist independent artists and essentially builds this new wave of independence. One in specific that I think is amazing for helping out these creative individuals is Collab. They help Viners and Youtubers not only market their own videos accordingly to a broad audience, but also obtain sponsor deals with major companies.

I am pretty happy to be an independent empire for a variety of reasons. 

1) I don't like depending on other "employees" that could either sink the business or sink me individually. I know that if anything happens within my businesses right now, it is because of me and no one else.  

2) I like control (and not in a bad way). There are a variety of topics/subjects that I love to cover as a journalist and blogger. If all I did was write for another media outlet or just for my clients, then I would feel restricted in my own capabilities. 

3) Collaborating with other independent entrepreneurs is way easier than dealing with #1. There has not been one situation so far (thankfully) where I have collaborated with another entrepreneur and it went south. The people that I am able to work with I know have a "we will put our best foot forward while working together" mentality and I love it! 

If you do not know, I live by what I say and I am pretty happy to announce that I have partnered with Motivational Press (small publishing company)! If you have not seen that entire post of excitement and fun news, then you can do so by going here.

How do you approach this scenario now? Are you happy being in full control of literally everything within your business/brand? Or are you taking the traditional route (which is not bad) and pursuing a mainstream opportunity?