Trump Opposing Protestors Are Literally Proving His Point

I can't believe that I even have to break it down in the way that I am going to, but I will. As a Hillary supporter, I am not ignorant enough to know when wrong is wrong. Yes Trump may not have the greatest rhetoric in some people's eyes, but that does not mean he (and his supporters) should have their freedom of speech silenced.  

In San Jose a female Trump supporter was surrounded and down right abused (verbally and physically) by Trump protestors. As you can see in the video, more than 20 people surrounded said Trump supporter to the point of seclusion. Although she could have went inside the building, all I and many know right now is what we have seen in the video.

Eggs... literally! Someone threw eggs at her like an imbecile child who thinks teepeing homes is still a cool thing and they shouldn't get in trouble for "having fun" and defacing someone else's property. 

Everyone in the United States have the rights to support who they want during the election season. However, liberals (mostly the brand new just turned 18 years old/first time voters) are showing bigotry to its very definition.

Protestors who disagree with Trump are literally proving his point. I don't know if they are lacking common sense or basically too blind sighted to see their own wrong doings.... but I assume it's one or both factors.

They (Trump protestors/haters) are basically going to a house party of someone they hate, knowing they are not invited, then crying wolf when they don't/can't get the party (Trump's rallies/speeches) shut down. If the people who went to Trump's rallies/speeches were only his own supporters, there wouldn't be any riots! By logic, the only way a riot would happen is if Trump supporters fought each other. 

Honestly I am quite disgusted with Americans during this election year as many are showing exactly why the country is divided. Having an opinion that differs from someone else's does not justify verbal and physical abuse from any side of perspective.

This just goes to show how ignorant Americans can be. Cry like spoiled brat kids when things don't go your way, complain that someone is being rude to you, then retaliate by doing the same exact thing you said someone was wrong for doing and thinking when you do it, now it is justifiable.

The sooner November gets here the better because all of these part time political experts will simply come to terms with whoever wins (of course I'm hoping Hillary does)  and go on about the next trending situation/person to hate. 

American protestors against any presidential candidate who insights bigotry like this, I would say go home because you are drunk sarcastically. However (which is even worse) many are not intoxicated by alcohol. You are intoxicated with thinking your way of thinking is the only way that should exist.

Unless you literally have "The guideline book to a perfect society" by God (or higher power, which ever you believe in) in your own personal library... shut up, support who you support, and leave everyone else who supports the other candidates alone.