Bloggers Around The World: AR Zantkeren

*Important PSA: The location of Amit and Reut will not be disclosed here. Be respectful... do not ask them and do not ask me. Now, time to get back to a brand new BATW! 

Calm down everyone, the BATW series is not going anywhere, we all have busy lives (haha)! However, I am beyond excited to come back with such a great interview from not just one blogger, but a duo sister blogging team! Over the past few months I have read their blog posts and I am always impressed with their photography style, fashion perspectives, and overall happy/positive attitudes. 

Being a man with minimal fashion knowledge other than my own personal style, I'm definitely not the first person to come to in regards to details of ladies fashion (obviously... but I'm learning every day about fashion from both men and women perspectives).

Nonetheless of the latter, I am pretty confident in saying to ladies around the world, Amit and Reut are the go-to ladies/bloggers/fashion experts you should pay attention to and ask questions if you have any. 

Now that we got the proper introductory housekeeping taken care of here, I proudly present to you all Amit and Reut of AR Zantkeren

1) Hey Amit & Reut Zantkeren, can you each introduce yourselves to the readers?

Amit: Hey My name is Amit Zantkeren, I'm 20 years old and work as a photographer and graphic designer. I have short hair (the shorter the better) love to paint and write in my spare time and run our amazing Blog at the rest of my time. Both me and Reut went to an art school and we use all of these tools to create our original content. 

Reut: Hi everyone my name is Reut Zantkeren, I'm 18 years old and I’m a model and Co-Founder of the fashion blog Since I was little I loved fashion, I have learned sawing for 5 years since I was 11 and I always dreamed to be a fashion designer. And today I’m mixing it up with modeling and the fashion blog.

2) When did you both begin blogging?

A & R: Almost 2 years ago, but we think only now we are finally starting to really getting in to it. 

3) What were the first thoughts that went through your mind when you started the blog with your sister? 

A: Actually I never even thought about it this way. We are best friends and do everything together since we were born so it just felt natural. Both of us had the same goals and admired all of these bloggers and decided to go for it. Besides who else would I done it with? Not on my own that’s for sure. 

R: Me & Amit are best friends we do everything together we saw that we want to do the same things in life in the fashion industry - modeling, photography, art, and design. We thought that a fashion blog will combine all these things together and give us a way we could express our selves our dreams and passions. And what can be more great then share it with your best friend/sister?

4) How would you describe your individual sense of fashion style? 

R: I think my fashion style is very basic and girly, but with a little edge. It really depends on the day! If I feel at the time very girly I will dress like that... I’ll put on a skirt or dress. And if I will feel very edgy I will put on ripped jeans big t-shirt and sneakers. So it all depends on the day and how I feel.

A: I think I would describe myself as Fashionable tomboy or a Man repeller. I don't have one certain style, I love to try new things and weird combinations, but will always stay true to the classics at the same time. As Reut says it depends on the day.

5) What is the favorite photoshoot/outfit you have blogged so far? 

A: Wow, I think the “wet hair denim and bandana” photoshoot. We had this idea for a photoshoot but as we were shooting we actually changed everything and it turned out to be more artistic than we intended and I LOVE IT! (link:

R: It's very hard to pick one! I really love every single post we posted, but I think that my favorite one is the one we did at the grocery store with our green Versace jacket. It was just so cool and fun to shoot! (link:

6) What would you say are the pros and cons (if any) to blogging with your sister?

A: There are many pros. The biggest one is defiantly the fact that I enjoy this journey with my best friend. We have the same goals, we respect one another and have this bond that no one can take away. It's just the best when you can incorporate all of this to our work and build together our dreams! I just can't imagine the cons.

R: There are more pros then cons actually. We are best friends and we grow up as best friends so it's very easy to do stuff because we understand and we know each other so well so its easy to work when we know what the job that each one of us needs to do.


7) Who are influential celebrities/public figures/fashion designers/bloggers to you? 

A: I really like Man Repeller, they are really great writing on daily life and fashion I adore that. This is actually one of my main goals to able to write about my personal daily life without feeling so conscious. Favorite designers are going to be… Valentino is my favorite designer, but I love them all the more artistic it is the more ill love it! for celebrities hands down Jennifer Lawrence I think we could have been best friends. 

R: I love Negin Mirsalehi and Jennifer Grace (aka The Native Fox) they are my favorite bloggers! I also love Sofia Richie I love her swag!!!! My favorite fashion designer has to be Calvin Klein I just love his simplicity and how every dress he makes looks just AMAZING!

8) In your diary section, both of you have your own diary... what can readers expect from your perspective?

A: I think my diary as I said before is more personal and I like to write things about empowerment and subjects needed to be discussed in my opinion. It can be anything from pop culture news to just life lessons. I am looking to expand this part.

R: I think that the readers can expect from my diary is less like a written diary and more like a photo gallery that will show my day, life style, work outs and lots of videos from behind the scenes of our photoshoots. 

9) Have you met any bloggers/celebrities/public figures that you look up to? If so, how were those experiences for you?

A: Wow we saw Jake Gyllenhaal once on the plane and I stared and he said hey and I died and walked away. One of the best things ever! Other than that time I think you can learn a lot from every person you meet and I try to do it. Every meeting with a designer or a friend is unique and we try to make the most out of it. 

R: I met other bloggers, celebrities, and public figures. It was good to meet every one and learn some about their work and personalities. We made friends with some bloggers we met and had so much in common with and it was cool. 

10) Do y'all have any projects and/or traveling trips for blogging/photoshoots in the works that we can know of? 

A: We actually just got back from Rome and it was amazing and will be soon on the blog. We have some projects we are planning with different brands. But our mom taught us to not tell until things are finalized so… you should wait and see! 

R: We have a lot in process and they all are a secret as Amit said. But we have lots of really cool stuff going on and you have to stay tuned!!

11) What are the social media accounts that everyone can follow both of you on? 

A: We have everything! Twitter -  | Snapchat @rzantkeren | Separate Instagram accounts @azantkeren for me and @rzantkeren for Reut |  Facebook -  | Bloglovin' -  | Lookbook -

R: Twitter, Snapchat, we have to separate Instagram accounts. Facebook, Bloglovin, and Lookbook are both joint accounts! 

12) If you both could leave readers with one lasting impression/piece of advice (before they go to read your blog of course) what would it be? 

A: I’ll say stay true to yourself, enjoy every moment of your day and your life, and work as hard as you need to achieve your dreams. I have plenty more but these are my top tips I think. 

R: Just to have fun and enjoy our blog posts!!