#WeekendCoffeeShare: Okay Bring On The Winter!

I'm pretty much already over this summer! I would blame it on the unfortunate turn of events that have happened, but I have always been like this. I will enjoy the summer for a couple of weeks and then already look forward to the winter. Now that my introvert game is becoming more impressive than before, I really don't care to go outside that much now!
Even though I grew up in the Midwest and know exactly how hot it can get, I still hate it with a little bit of passion. There are actually a few serious reasons as to why I prefer the cold, windy, treacherous, beautiful winter season over the summer.  

1) Perspiration
Unless I am playing sports or doing an activity that actually causes perspiration, I prefer not to step outside and in two seconds I am sweating a puddle. I know this might sound slightly oxymoronic, I hate when unnecessary sweat exists, yet I have no problem if I am stepping through a 3 feet of snow because essentially my entire body becomes wet at that point. 
2) Crime rates tend to be higher
Now this does not mean that I never step outside during the summer (I am not that much of an introvert), but I am definitely more cautious during that time.  In America it is pretty obvious that once the weather becomes warmer, the crime rates begin to rise. Seeing everything that has been going on including the Memorial Day weekend shot/murdered number, Christina Grimmie/Orlando club shootings, and others is just so heartbreaking to see. Since criminals tend to not like being outside as much during 20 degree weather, I prefer to offset what me and them consider playtime outside.

3) I like wearing winter clothes
Jeans, sweaters/hoodies/peacoats/beanies/all of it, I like to where them. That's pretty much here!
4) Snow... I love snow! 

All of it! But I prefer to make a grocery store run before seeing it come down in an excess amount.

Are any of you feeling like this right now? Come on, don't let me be the lone wolf when I know I am not the only one thinking like this! :D