Reasons Why I Do Not Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

This goes without saying that many supporters of the movement may get mad just off of the title alone. Here is where reading is fundamental because it is quite obvious that anything against this said movement is apparently a showcase of racism. Yes, the all too popular term that is overused in a variety of situations that does not go someone's way in today's society and the opposing person has a different skin tone. 

Now it goes without saying that yes, it is quite obvious that BLM have a justifiable reason to call attention to the recent police brutality/murders of African-Americans. However, this is another social movement that has great intentions, but are pretty mediocre and illogical when it comes to execution. 

1. Black lives only matter when the trigger is non-black.

This is textbook common and logical sense. The BLM movement was started on the basis of pinpointing every single killing or brutality of an African-American by non-black cops/police. Respectively that makes sense in regards to a movement as it has become an injustice to one specific race (us African-Americans). However, when you breakdown the title of Black Lives Matter, it should mean every single black life in existence, not the ones who are harassed or killed by the hands of a non-black person.

In every "racial implied" killing of an African-American, BLM activists were literally ready in mass amounts hitting the road or planes traveling to said cities/states for protests. Yet in Chicago alone a black life is taken by another black individual because of gang related activities every single day (some may even argue once an hour).

It is highly disingenuous (and disrespectful) to the families who lose loved ones at the hands of black gangsters every single day and they get no support (major or minor) by BLM activists. Yet when a white person kills an African-American, that individual and their family get the utmost attention, protests, and more from BLM activists.

That's literally saying "when we kill our own, don't pay them any attention, but when a white cop kills a black person,me need to fight back against them ruthlessly."

2. By skin color association, if you are black you must agree with them.

It is beyond ridiculous to think that one must support a movement wit any question just because of skin tone. That is not how logic works. I have talked to many BLM supporters and for the most part I have been disrespected by them (my own brothers and sisters by skin color association) than I have by any non-black person.

Never in my own life has a non-black friend, peer, or even cop called me a derogatory slur just for simply disagreeing with them. However, when I disagree respectively with a BLM supporter, I get called every name under the book. Racial slurs such as coon, master lover, and Uncle Tom are just a few.

Why would I hate a specific race (aka white people) just because someone tells me to? Why would I associate myself with a movement that says "don't let them brainwash you, you need to stay woke" and in turn purposely try to brainwash me with their own ideology?

I am my own person just like every human being on this planet is. I have my own perspective, morals, opinions, and values that I follow. I disagree with people of any race just like I agree with them. If do not follow one playbook solely based off of my skin tone, I support play books that make logical and common sense to me.

3. The disagreement of #AllLivesMatter.

Any human with unbiased compassion knows for a fact that a life does not have a higher or lower value just because of race. When a life is taken by murder, gang related activity, or police brutality, that is still a life no matter what. When anyone dies at the hands of others (no matter what the murders race is) their family grieves just like every family does.

If an African-American is killed for no reason, justice should be served. Their family deserves to be upset respectively. If a white cop is killed because of violence or any reason, yes, their family has lost a loved one and have the right to seek the same due justice, support, and outcry if desired/necessary.

4. Blaming one side, yet give yourself a pass just by race association

As stated earlier, African-Americans kill each other on a daily basis. Not only that, our own have killed way more people than other races of people have killed individuals of our race at an astronomical wide margin. Chicago is a prime example of the latter.

It is disrespectful to basically turn the other cheek when we kill each other, yet become outrage when once in a blue moon, a non-black cop kills an African-American. I use logic and common sense, no one gets a pass just because of their race and the other should be ridiculed. A murder is a murder no matter it is taken.

Honestly, I wish BLM the best of luck in all their endeavors and the safety in which they ask for. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I am a supporter of them at this moment. 

I am going to leave you all with two videos. Both are graphic and I highly suggest that if you are not 18+ or your kids are not of age that you do not let them watch either. On a scale between 1-10 I will say both videos average at a 9 combined without showing any actual blood. Nonetheless, the actions can be pretty gruesome to watch. Both videos come from Tommy Sotomayor and highly suggest that you 

Justifiable example for BLM to protest about... 

Another example that BLM should also be complaining about... unfortunately, these instances don't deserve their sympathy or protests.