Life Without My Nintendo 3DS

I do not know exactly how long it has been, but it feels like it has been an eternity since I have not played my Nintendo 3DS. After a few years of consistently playing it and traveling around the country, it was bound to break at the hinges eventually. One thing I will get with my next 3DS will be the insurance plan.

I'm pretty proud with how I took care of it and how long I had it. Thankfully the New Nintendo 3DS is out now, so in a sense this is my excuse to basically upgrade with a purpose. The only reason that I have not purchased another one sooner than later is simply because I am focusing on my client work. I decided to take on a pretty big load of work, which means that I wouldn't have had enough time to play a video game anyways.

Another major reason as to why I have waited to purchase another one is that I want to completely deck out my next 3DS out completely! By deck out, I mean having different stylus pens, cases, and way more games than I have now. This is the Nintendo 3DS + accessories that I plan on getting first... 

The Monster Hunter Generations edition is just oh so sexy to me! Blue is my favorite color and even though this one does not come out until July, that is most likely when I would buy another 3DS anyways. 

I definitely need a second case (I currently have a Pikachu case right now) because... well just keep on reading and you will see why. 

I am actually thinking of investing in two because I will be traveling a lot here pretty soon and I am hoping to put my name in the next Pokèmon VGC tournaments after Pokèmon Sun and Pokemon Moon is released later this year. If I do get a second 3DS, then it will most likely be the Zelda Hyrule Gold Edition... if I can find it anywhere!  

I will let you all know in advance now, when I know for a fact exactly the day I am purchasing my next 3DS (or two), on here. Once I get my hands on being able to sit back and train my Pokèmon/battle others, continue playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Resident Evil, you will not "hear" from me live for a while haha! I will have a plethora of blog posts already written and scheduled for release.