My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers (Part 2)

If you do not know this fact... I have an addition to YouTube! 

I'm hoping that this turns into a regular blog post mini series that I can write for a while! The reason being for me only doing 5 YouTubers at a time is because I don't want these blog posts to be extremely long. In addition to me telling you why they are my favorites, I also leave one of their videos as well that you can view for yourself. 

Here is My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers (Part 1) if you have not read it yet (or simply forgot who is on that list). 

So without further or due... here goes Mt Top 5 Favorite YouTubers (Part 2)! 

 Photo credit: David Dobrik (Facebook)

Photo credit: David Dobrik (Facebook)

David Dobrik

Some how I randomly stumbled upon David as I was searching for YouTubers who did Vlogs on a consistent basis. Before becoming active on YouTube, David started out as a Viner (which I have to admit I didn't know because I stopped actively following Vine late 2014). 

I remember watching a few of his older Vlogs between #50 - #60 (currently he is on Vlog #141 and should be releasing #142 today). At first I would sit and think if they were being staged like a regular comedy skit or was it all real (as in no script no planning). Eventually I got over over-thinking too much and started from the very beginning to catch up! I enjoy his Vlogs for what they are and stay attentive to when he releases them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... hilarious, unique, and consistently great! 

 Photo credit: YouTube

Photo credit: YouTube

Liza Koshy

I actually followed Liza on Vine (which her name on there started out as Lizzza) and watched her transition to YouTube seamlessly. With her nerdy and random sense of humor, there is no telling what to expect from her with each video. Typically she releases her videos every Wednesday (aka Wednezzdays With Lizzza).

Although many people would love nothing more than to see more videos from her, one is completely fine! Every Wednesday is pretty much like a TV show episode that you watch, laugh from beginning to end, and watch a million times until the next new episode. In addition to the latter, she has also been working on a show called Freakish, which will debut on Hulu and I cannot wait for it! 

 Photo credit: Darius Benson (Facebook)

Photo credit: Darius Benson (Facebook)

Darius Benson

Darius also began his social media/content creator career on Vine as well, which is where I know him from first. It is way more entertaining to watch his sense of humor for longer than 6 seconds and was excited to see him start putting more effort into YouTube. Over time I am sure that he will amass a large 1 million+ following. His series "The Rap Lecture" is by far one of the funniest comedy sketch series' on YouTube in my opinion. 

 Photo credit: PewDiePie (Facebook)

Photo credit: PewDiePie (Facebook)


With an astounding 45 million+ subscribers PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform. I be gan watching PewDiePie during his extremely catchy and unpredictable video game playthroughs. With a personality that can not be duplicated if someone even tried, PewDiePie is a one-of-a-kind YouTuber. Over time he has been able to expand his content from more than just video games and it has worked out in his favor tremendously. 

He currently has 2,863 videos, which shows how much work he has put in over the past few years. PewDiePie delivers on both quality and quantity that many YouTubers aspire to create on a consistent basis. 

Reggie Couz.jpg

Reggie Couz

Reggie started out his social media/content creator career on Vine as well. However, Reggie is more than just a funny content creator, he is also a music producer. Being able to mix his comedic and musical talents together, Reggie has created a lane on YouTube all on his own. 

When you look through Reggie's YouTube video catalogue, you will see a variety of skits and Vlogs that are definitely going to make you laugh (and possibly fall out of your chair)! One of his most popular series' (and my favorite of his) is Mr. Johnson's Concert Choir" where he takes popular hip-hop/rap songs and turn them into versions that sounds like your high school/college concert choir.