I Could Never Be A Gangster

There is a blogging reason behind this so don't assume too quickly (haha)! I have been watching a Tom of prison documentaries and will have a ton of "Explore The Documentary" posts ready for you all soon. As I have watched these documentaries on a daily basis I can't even imagine going through 1/16th of the things that prisoners do. Gangasta/gangster (however you spell it) count me out! 

I can't understand exactly why people result to being criminals instead of being law abiding citizens, but the two main reasons are drugs and money. These criminals typically fall in line with others that they grew up with since kids. Gangs in particular begin to foster kids into their lifestyle at an earlier age than I even imagined.

While these individuals are in jail, they put on masks of being strong, ruthless, and no care for others, but none of that even matters when you no longer control your own life anymore. Both men and women must realize that their crimes were not worth the sentencing times that they have received.

For example one prisoner from a documentary in specific received 500+ years plus 11 life sentences. Just to literally hear those numbers knowing the oldest human being lives to be around 100 years old gives me chills.

I wonder what kind of mental state do criminals undergo first hand in consecutive life and death row sentences. Not that I would ever want to experience for myself (go back to the title of this blog post haha) I am just curious about the psychology behind it.

For the rest of their lives (or even 1 year) they stay in a cell with another man/woman for 20+ hours a day. The sight of seeing the sun outside being cut down 1-2 hours a day not by choice, but by force is mind blowing to hear. 

What makes me cringe more than anything else is the food that prisoners have to eat. Granted they do not deserve lobster and steak at all. The food I have watched them eat do not even look like what it is supposed to be. Sorry, but there is no amount of anything that would make me put myself in the predicament of being in prison for even 30 minutes.

For some gangsters, they take advantage of going to prison. Free food, free housing, no real stress of having/losing a job like normal citizens on the outside... they are literally taken care of for free at the expense of their own freedom (and unfortunately the lives they may have affected).

At the end of the day, when individuals become involved in gang/criminal activities, typically it is all for nothing. Granted the big time drug lords such as El Chapo has been able to actually feed his family and financially pay for a multitude of necessities through his crimes, not every gangster can be that fortunate. 

Excluding those whom fit the latter bill, going to prison means losing everything that you attempted to obtain just to spend time in a cell under the complete control of others (including the system/guards and other inmates). While it is fascinating to actually watch and study these documentaries, it definitely keeps everything into perspective regarding life in general.