I Think I Really Have A YouTube Addiction (A Good One)!

Okay so funny story here, a few hours ago I had a blog post written that was different from my normal/semi-professional journalist standpoint... and it didn't save on my iPad! *Insert emoji that cries here or Jordan crying face!* 

***Update inside of a blog post! 

I really want these personal blog posts to be as relax and chill as possible. One, I just found out that the Jordan crying face is actually an app (so you can definitely expect me to start using it every now and then. Also, the blog post that I just referred to that was missing... it literally just came back up on my Squarespace blog app! So now I will release that blog post a few hours after this one! (Look at my Jordan crying face now because of all this happening in one blog post!) 


Okay, so back to the topic at hand now that everything is settled here. I am becoming a YouTube addict and I am not ashamed to say it at all! I have watched a ton of documentaries (including every prison documentary to my knowledge available). My next marathon of documentaries to watch will be about food and the next after that will be about professional gamers. (See I plan stuff out accordingly!) 

This whole working from home thing will never get old for me! All this time I have to watch YouTube and work at the same time... priceless! 

For the most part I have become less and less and now completely lost about what is on cable TV anymore. Although my favorite shows like Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, basically any food show are still on cable, I can easily catch up on Hulu when needed. (Hulu will definitely have its own post later on... maybe tomorrow.) 

I find it pretty exciting to see content creators that are my favorite YouTubers (which you can see my top 5 favorite YouTubers here)! Essentially I should have done a top 10 list, but that just means you can now expect a part 2 to of my favorite YouTubers again haha! 

So for now I am going to end this here because I need to go eat dinner and all that good stuff. I promise these type of "personal" blog posts will get better over time! I hope you all enjoy them and yeah, have a great (insert what time of the day it is for you right now here).