Why Do I Not Have Any Kids Yet?


As crazy as this may sound, my answer to this question when peers (and even family members) ask me some how is surprising. The society we live in today is completely screwed up in my opinion. Instead of preventing why kids are having kids before even turning 18 (excluding any and all victims of rape/molestation), society has become accustomed to it like nothing is wrong.

To each their own as I do not hold the keys or guidebook to life. It just does not make any sense as to why people (especially teenagers) put themselves in the situation of having kids before even living their own life. This is in no way shape or form condemning anyone that may fit the bill, these are just my reasons as to why I do not have any juniors or princesses running around... yet. 

1) I need to travel just a little bit more

The travel bug was instilled in me during my middle school years. During those times, the only out-of-state trip I was taking included family trips. However, being a part of the middle school band, we traveled around to different parts of my hometown. I obviously found that to be fun because I was getting out of school for a legitimate reason and could defer my work. (You know you would take advantage of the situation too as a kid!) 

Nonetheless, as time progressed and I could no longer be referred to as "Little Kenon" I began traveling a heck of a lot more. So much to the point that I have an extensive list right now to go around the world, but I have conquered most of the United States so far. If I was to have a kid right now (or earlier) that would have stopped my traveling time quickly. In addition to that, when I have a kid(s), I want them to be able to travel more than I have when I was a kid and even as a grown adult. 

2) I am not a fan of the term "baby daddy"

It does not take a rocket scientist to see what could happen to me by seeing someone else go through a scenario. Unfortunately the court system is obviously rigged to benefit women when it comes to having a baby (especially if the relationship does not work out). The last thing that I want to be a part of is the court system because of this. Child support is not a nice thing (I have seen peers paychecks cut between 20%-70%). Having a baby by a woman whom is not my wife or at the least my fiancee is not in my life plans... anywhere! 

3) I want to be married (yes you read that right)!

I don't care what societal trend or any song says, I am not having kids by anyone other than the woman who is my fiancee/wife. At this point in my life, I am a pretty good person of judgement when it comes to this situation. I love the idea of having the white picket fence home, one wife, and one mother of our children. In today's society (unfortunately) there are brothers and sisters who all have different surnames. I cannot imagine putting any of my kids through that type of situation where others would criticize them for my poor choice in choosing their mom. 

I will say this part again and you all can mark my words. One (1) wife. One (1) mother of our kid(s). One (1) home. I will not settle for anything else! 

What do you all think about this? Are you waiting for the right one before having kids yet? Has society become reckless with who they have kids with? Is it a detriment to the children by adults having multiple baby daddies/baby mamas?