How To Deal With Stress and Pressure

Yesterday did not end in the normal manner that I was expecting (quiet, peaceful, and no problems). Before I get into the meat of this, I just have to point this out. If you are on Twitter you definitely need to follow Megan aka Tipsy Writer. She has an amazing lifestyle blog that you can view here in addition to a great Twitter community including #TipsyChat many bloggers and other entrepreneurs are a part of. 

Now to the meat of this post...

Initially I did freak out and become a bit angry at what happened yesterday because I was basically blindsided. After sitting back and quickly assessing the full situation, I realized that my bases were/are actually covered and I really have nothing to worry about. There are a few moments when I will admit dealing with stress and pressure is not that easy. I know this is the type of work life (and personal life) that I have chosen, so I don't want to seem as if I am complaining about any of it. 

Here are a few ways that I deal with stress and pressure on a daily basis personally and business wise. 

1. Understand the situation at hand and your time. 

Initially you may know exactly what the issue is at hand for face value. Other times (as we all know) unforeseen circumstances can definitely occur as well. Keeping both perspectives in mind, if you know that you have time to think the issue over then utilize your time accordingly.

Depending upon the severity/urgency of the situation, I typically give myself 1-2 hours to a full day to simply not think about it. I clear my head of any doubts or negative thoughts/feelings that I may have. During those time frames I end up doing the next few steps along the way. 

2. Go outside!

To me personally, it does not matter where I am in the world, I find solace in places such as the woods, a beach, or a lake. If those locations are not on the top of your list (or anywhere on your list) that is fine. As humans we tend to relieve stress easier depending on our environments, so feel free to go wherever you find comfort in.

3. Reward/gift yourself

This tip can be taken however you see fit. I'm pretty lucky to have a high metabolism so no matter how much I eat barely gain any weight. I may be jinxing myself now, so to Father Time I appreciate this high metabolism, please don't take it away from me too soon haha! 

Anyways, when I am stressing or simply feel down and out, I eat my favorite foods such as sushi, pizza, or fried chicken. If I choose to go a different route, then I buy myself simple things (which are usually necessities, but I just tell myself they are gifts) like new tablet pens, new music on iTunes, a more fancier hair shampoo than normal, pay a bill in advance (haha), anything that I would consider "luxury" but not super expensive, yet also needed/desired makes me happy.

For example. My Nintendo 3DS broke a few weeks ago and since then I have literally just focused on my work and nothing else. Eventually as I begin to start taking more traveling adventures I will need to buy one because I love it and I miss playing Pokemon! To me that will be a gift and a desire (and a need haha) that I will take as appreciation to myself for overcoming what happened yesterday. 

Hopefully now that you all know how I deal with stress and pressure you can feel at ease that you are definitely not alone! What are some ways that you find comfort in stress and pressure? Are me and you the same or completely different? (Yes it is okay if we are completely different... I may adapt some of your ways if I can!)