Dealing With Social Media Haters

I had no intentions on writing this blog post because I rarely receive any hate whether it is because of my work or my opinions on topics. However, today was a pretty funny situation and quite different than past encounters so I decided "why not right about it!"

Today's society has grown into the mindset of being so entitled that if you do not agree with one's opinion, then they have every right to slander you. To each their own, but from my own perspective (as a logical thinking grown adult) if I don't agree with your opinions, then I simply agree to disagree. That is not a hard concept to grasp right?

This presidential election has only furthered the mindset that I explained in the latter paragraph. While having a simple conversation (debate if you will) on a friend's post, one of their friends decided to be a little snarky with their own opinions. Just for the sake of not giving this person any attention or my friend (who is an amazing person) I won't post any screenshots of the actual post or name them.

While discussing politics, said person who tried to slander me went off the hinges and topic. Bringing up their educational background (that no one asked for) and making the assumption that they make more money than me just from a "quick google search" was quite hilarious. If you search just my name (Kenon Lamont Thompson) I am the entire first page. That is why this person was able to do such a quick Google search of me.

What made this situation even more funny, is that I did an in-depth Google search of this person for myself. They were nowhere to be found in the first 10 pages of Google. During the whole situation of proclaiming they were better than me, it was quite clear I was talking to a nobody.

So this person continued to boast that they make more money than I ever will (which was brought up on their own accord). As the comedic back and forth responses continued, said slanderer stated that they work for a company that is the best in its field (when it is not by a long shot). I work for myself, this person works for someone else. As humble as I can say this... this person is not even in the same as me (employment wise).

After much more assumptions and false claims for the person, I knew I couldn't take this person seriously anymore.

Dealing with hatred from people on social media is a pretty easy thing to do. If they presumptively claim they are way better (and in this case make more money) than you, don't sweat it. The facts will eventually show and there is no need to keep debating/arguing with a person you never knew existed and will most likely never meet in person in life.

The Internet and social media has given people a way to show hatred without taking any real accountability for it. Their words/opinions are typically ignorant and no matter how much facts you show them, they will not back down from their high horse. The value of people's hatred on social media towards you is only as valuable as you make it. In this case, the said person who thought it was intelligent to try and slander me and my businesses I will most likely forget about by the end of the day.

While this person is so much more better than me (as they say) I will continue to own my own businesses while they clock in making someone else's dreams of being an entrepreneur a reality.

Said slanderer, if you ever read this (since you know where to find me on Google... first page) just know this little piece of information. No one outside of your circle knows you. People all around the world know me and read my blog posts. You just became an arrogant and ignorant subject of a blog post that my readers will view and agree with. All the while no one will even know your name. (Oh and this does attribute to me being paid from advertisements as a new blog post. But you already knew that right?)

However, feel free to comment on this if you would like. I never close off the comment section to my blog posts!