#WeekendCoffeeShare: My First Week Plans Back In Denver

As my past couple of #WeekendCoffeeShare posts have been a little bit serious, I would like to transition back to more lighthearted conversations. You know the routine by now. Grab you a cup or two of coffee and let's have a little chit chat right now.

I will continue to write about this until I am blue in the face or I am there (whichever comes first). Soon (and I mean in the near future soon) I will be moving back home to Denver and I am already planning how I am going to spend my first day and week there. Hopefully the weather is on my side as I drive there. After that it can rain all that it wants to!

My first plan of attack is to obviously get everything settled win my apartment. I have my heart set on exactly how I am going to design everything as it will be the new and best chapter of my life so far.

I want my new place to represent the life I can now fully enjoy as my own. I'm not too sure if I am going to get a TV since I watch everything online anyways, but I may do so for the sake of when I have guests over. I definitely need to get a way better bookshelf than I have had before because my library will be growing immensely.

One thing is for sure, I know exactly where I am going to eat at. All of my favorite restaurants that I loved back in college are still open and those are the places that will fill my appetite first. For the sake of privacy of course I won't say the names as they are independent and of course creeps will then know where I live. 

Chinese, Sushi, Mexican, and Pho food are all on my menu that could very well last me more than my first week! I don't know what it is (maybe it is the excitement and love of simply being home), but I never get tired of eating the same thing back home even when the same dishes are offered all around the world and I end up taking a food break from them. 

After I get my keys officially and move in, the first night I plan on buying myself a nice glass of wine the same way that I did in the first week I turned 21. I may be a little bit more fancier this time around seeing that I can afford to do so! During the second week or so I will...

(to be continued next weekend!)