#WeekendCoffeeShare: Believe In Yourself

Grab your cups of coffee or four like me and lets have a genuine conversation. We live in a society today that does not live by the mantra "to each their own" anymore. Many individuals like to believe that their way of living, their morals, and/or their opinions are supposed to be the guidelines for everyone else's life. 

It should be quite obvious by now that no human on the face of this planet has the one perfect guideline book for everyone to live by. When individuals like to push their agenda/narrative/morals on someone else, typically they will get mad if someone does not agree with them. Who cares about what "society" has to say about your life? If they really want to make some sort of difference or standpoint, then they can do so with their own life. 

Many people in society now and days think that it is okay to label opposing individuals racist, homophobic, sexist, etc., if their opinions are not agreed upon. Most of the time people who act in such illogical ways don't even understand their own logic. Freedom of speech in the constitution does not have a stipulation anywhere stating "freedom of speech only applies to those who have a majority agreement in society."

I have personally went through this way of living my entire life. Since I am not willing to live by what others think is right (without causing any harm to anyone) then I am wrong. Stubborn is a term that I have been labeled as by many people (co-employees, bosses, and even family members). Nothing is new because I actually accept the term with open arms.

My desire to live my life the way that I want to without doing things such as living in a city/state I'm not happy about just to appease others is not in my nature. If I was to live by the majority of those I have opposed, I would have babies out of wedlock even though I am only 25, and work for others when I have the skills and talent to work for myself outweighs negative criticism. 

When it comes to conforming to others opinions by not following my own dreams and desires is not something I will do. I am not in the lifestyle of doing anything harmful to individuals or society by selling drugs or committing crimes. I live my life by chasing my dreams and goals, If anyone thinks that I am wrong and I should follow their footsteps... well that is on them.

Logically speaking, I can't force anyone to change their lives if they think it works for them. I am fine with that, heck I'm happy when people live their one life the way they want to even if I don't agree with it per se. As long as you are not intentionally harming others and/or committing crimes (that are obviously wrong) live your life how you please.

Believe in yourself no matter what critics say to you. One day they will realize that you are happy with your own intentions. Even if they do not tell you or say "hey I was wrong and you were right." For some odd reason, people don't like to admit when they are wrong... I guess we can say it is their pride. At the end of the day be happy with yourself, live your life how you please, and surround yourself with people/friends/family that support you even when you disagree with them.