Explore The Documentary: Guantanamo Bay

President Obama has ordered for the close of Guantanamo Bay quickly as he entered his first term. The one big question that is lingering in the air is where are these detainees going to be re-located? Many countries of the detainees (even their own countries) refuse to take them back. Now that they are under American custody, it would make logical sense that we take them (even tough I truly hope we don't let them enter our country in anyway). 

It has been quite awhile since I have done one of these, but I have a multitude of them in the works. I remember being in middle school and hearing about Guantanamo Bay by my English teacher. The obvious 9/11 attack was fresh in our minds.  

I remember sitting in my English class and watching 9/11 happen on TV. No one really knew what was going on and who to blame. At that time I obviously did not fully comprehend the severity of the situation, but as I watched the tears from my teachers eyes roll down worried about her son being in New York, I knew I would always be a spectator to the event and not a victim.

Anyways, fast forward to now because random flashbacks would just make this blog post longer than it need to. I have always been skeptical about Guantanamo Bay and what it was actually like. So I took it upon myself to watch a few documentaries that I could and overall I still have mixed feelings about it.

The situations and treatment of inmates may have been watered down in the documentary above for what I assume were political correctness reasons. 

However, not to spoil the documentaries too much, the depictions of Inside Guantanamo are quite gruesome to watch. I advise adults/parents that if your kid(s) are under the age of 16, you watch this documentary with them.  

While many people think that it is "inhumane" for prisoners/terrorists to be treated like they are in Guantanamo the only slight problem I have is carrying out the American due justice. Over the past decade many detainees (which you will see in this documentary) were innocent and never given a trial.

There are obvious signs when someone personally takes responsibility or is without a doubt seen/connected to the crime that a court trial is to simply make everything "official and professional."

However, for those who are without question guilty, I laugh at the thought of them complaining about anything. How dare they commit atrocious murders and believe their lives should be spared and/or treated "fairly" as the innocent civilians they hurt/killed? I have absolutely no sympathy for those guilty of their crimes, know it, and get treated like the scums of the Earth. 

Torture - The Guantanamo Guidebook is a documentary that follows seven British men who volunteered to experience a re-created version of life in at Guantanamo Bay for detainees. It is clearly stated at the beginning that the representation is not the full/unaltered techniques used because it would be "too dangerous" for the volunteers.  

I must say that these individuals were very brave to endure the sanctioned punishments under professional supervision. As I watched it, I would have easily quit within the first 5 minutes. I am not the "gangsta" tough type of guy. Not to say that I will not hold my own if need be or that I am a pushover by any means.

When you watch the way that these men get treated in the documentary, just imagine how the real detainees are getting treated. (Again, no sympathy for those who are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.)

What do you think about Guantanamo Bay? Should American government officials keep it open and reshape its structure? Should it be shut down immediately? Who will be responsible for housing (imprisoning) and putting these detainees through trial?