I Can Not Wait For Hillary To Become The Democratic Nominee!

As we get closer to the DNC convention this summer, I am pretty excited to know that from an obvious (and logical) that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee. The race to the magical number of 2,383 delegates in order to officially clinch the nomination is pretty much sealed. 

According to the CNN current delegate estimate (which is accurate so I don't know why they say "estimate") Hillary has a total of 2,301 total delegates (1,776 pledged, and 525 superdelegates). Hillary is 82 delegates away from clinching the nomination! Bernie only has a total of 1,533 delegates (1,491 pledged, and 42 superdelegates) making him 850 delegates (pledged and superdelegates) away from the magical number. It is over Bernie Bros, Bernie Girls, Berners, whatever nickname you associate yourself as.

Mathematically speaking, there is absolutely no way Bernie will make some radical comeback that his campaign and supporters think will happen. Essentially Hillary only needs 82 more delegates to clinch the nominee, which will easily be won by her on June 7th, 2016. 

I find it ironic that the game Bernie and his campaign is trying to play is that he beats Trump by a larger margin than Hillary based upon polls. However, Bernie has noted many times during this past year that he does not care about "the polls" as they are not a representation of what voters will do at the end of the day. Bernie now thinks that he can use "the polls" projections that he wins as a way to show why everyone should rally around him. 

With all due respect... no, that is definitely not how this works. When you lose, you lose, plain and simple. No need to actually pander to voters that will be casting their votes within the next month. Every time Bernie has lost a state, him and/or his supporters cry wolf as if somehow, someway, Hillary and/or the DNC has "cheated" or skewed those results to favor Hillary. Get real here, Bernie never had a chance to win every single state in the country. Take your lost respectfully and stop complaining. 

(Remember when people thought Hillary was "pandering" to black voters because of her true love for hot sauce and hot peppers after the Beyonce song Lemonade was referenced to? Turns out, Beyonce was referring to a baseball bat! Yeah, call an ace an ace... Bernie is pandering to voters who generally follow what they are told, not what they know or research on their own.)

Oh and by the way, shut up talking about the e-mails and Benghazi if you have watched none of the hearings for yourself! It's quite annoying to continuously hear people say "Oh Hillary lied, Hillary is a crook" when they haven't taken the time to watch her and the entire committee (split with republicans and democrats) question her for 3 hours in 2013 and 11 hours in 2015. 

I have already written about this late last year, which you can view (including both Benghazi hearings on video) here

June 7th will simply put the nail in the coffin for the Bernie campaign (finally) and the official time period we as Hillary supporters can start focusing more on the general election now. There are a few major prized states with over 500+ delegates up for grabs. 

(*subject to change if necessary.*)

June 4th (Saturday) 

U.S. Virgin Islands (7 pledged delegates, 5 superdelegates)

June 5th (Sunday)

Pureto Rico (60 pledged delegates, 7 superdelegates)

June 7th (Tuesday)

California (475 pledged delegates, 73 superdelegates)
Montana (21 pledged delegates, 6 superdelegates)
New Jersey (126 pledged delegates, 16 superdelegates)
New Mexico (34 pledged delegates, 9 superdelegates)
North Dakota (18 pledged delegates, 5 superdelegates)
South Dakota (20 pledged delegates, 5 superdelegates)

June 14th (Tuesday)

District of Columbia (20 pledged delegates, 26 superdelegates) 

In a CNN interview just a few days ago, Hillary has made it quite clear (which we all should know by now even if you don't like her)... she will be the Democratic nominee without question! Bernie, nice try and A for effort, but if you really want to be "for the people" like you claim you are, stop wasting their money and start uniting the Democratic party with Hillary. That is if you stay a Democrat and do not switch back to an Independent quietly once you officially lose this race.