#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Purpose Behind Loving Thunderstorms

As we sit here enjoying our coffee inside, you can't help but admire the beauty that is soon to come. Many areas around the world are gearing up for what I think is the best time of the year... thunderstorm season! 

Of course thunderstorm season is just a made up unofficial label I randomly thought about. Nonetheless, I really do wish there was at just one month (or even one week) of consistent thunderstorms! However, since that would most definitely cause floods and damages beyond repair, I'll settle for whatever we get. 

From time to time I come across new friends and somewhere along the lines of our random conversation getting to know each other, I try to ask them about random things.

For example... "do you like when it rains or no?" Most of the time I hear a simple yes or overwhelming yes with a lot of joy behind the answer. The other end of the spectrum says no and there is usually no real concrete reason behind it. Some people say they are scared of the lightning, but I guess that is something I will never be able to understand. 

Me personally, I have really fond memories of rain that I will never let go. Even to this day as a grown adult I look at thunderstorms as something I can hold on to and always have something to be happy about. The aroma of rain is absolutely amazing to me! There is no comparison to the mix between rain and nature (at least in my opinion that may seem a little biased... but you get where I am going here). 

Typically individuals will say that it is the sound of rain that they love so much. In my mind, the very second I put sound to a visual I go back to specific moments in my life. Rain/thunderstorms are the one of three ways that I can go to sleep naturally. The other two I will reveal in future work. 


There is an app on iOS (iPad/Apple products) called Rain Rain. It is by far one of the best apps that I have installed on my iPad right now. At first I would listen to two, five, and ten hour rain/thunderstorm videos on YouTube to help me go to sleep. Now with this specific app I am able to listen to a variety of different scenarios/soothing sounds such as City RainThunder CracksRain on a Tent, Forest RainHeavy Thunderstorm (mix), and more! There are a variety of other natural/relaxing sounds that are available on this free app, yet  I won't be a complete spoiler for you. 

What is your take on thunderstorms... do you hate them, love them, or indecisive depending upon your mood?