Bloggers Around The World: Valerie Desmet

Remember the old mantra "A dog is a man's best friend?" Well it is true... but whose to say that a dog can't have two best friends? As a dog lover myself, I have been thinking about finally having my own when I move back home to Colorado soon. The dog companions I have had as a kid were always a family dog, but now I will be starting my own little family... beginning with a small, nice (I'll insert the breed in here once it happens).

Ironically enough, I was fortunate to run across Valerie Desmet who is basically a dog expert! I am actually quite jealous at the family she has and the knowledge about dogs that she knows. With this in mind... you know what is coming next. Enjoy!


Hi Valerie, care to formally introduce yourself to the readers and state where you are from?

Hello! I am Valerie, a 25-year old dog blogger from Belgium. I’m a mother to 4 beautiful fur children: Amy, Charlie, James & Pippa.

How long have you been a blogger?

I just started a few weeks ago! So far, it has been a very exciting journey for me. Creating my very own website, looking for meaningful content, connecting with like-mined people. I wish I had started sooner!

How did Puppy Tales Studio come into fruition?

I’m a true animal lover, always have, always will be! At the moment I have 4 beautiful dogs, 3 rescue dogs and 1 purebred Labrador. I learned A LOT from my rescue dogs and I’m still learning today. Most shelter dogs come with an unknown history. You have to learn how to read their body language, try to understand their behavior and help them overcome life’s obstacles. But most importantly, you have to remember that your dog is not his story. Even if they are abused, you cannot focus on the past. You have to focus on the future if you want to lead them into a peaceful present. I’m in no way a dog behavior specialist, but I want to share my stories and help people to understand dogs just a little bit better. It’s not always easy to care for a troubled dog but patience and time go a long way.


When did you get/receive your first puppy/dog and what breed was it? 

My parents are true animal lovers too, so I always grew up with dogs ever since I can remember. Jack Russels, Dobermanns, Labradors and stray dogs. But there were also goats, birds, chickens and even salamanders.

During your first dog show were you nervous, excited, a mix of both and how did it go?

My first dog show was Eurodogshow in Kortrijk – Belgium! I was CRAZY nervous! You have to come forward as a professional handler, keep your dog focused and follow the commissioner’s orders. But James was strutting around like a pro and we got 2nd place that day. We also competed in Brussels and Ghent and got an ‘excellent’ qualification’

What are some of your favorite places in regards to traveling and where would you like to go in the future?

As for traveling with my dogs, places are quite limited. Luckily it only takes about 1 hour drive to get to the beach in Belgium. My dogs just love it! They can run around like crazy and my Labs love to swim. As for the future, I would love to travel more to Asia. I adore the cultural sphere and traditions. My dad lives in Singapore, so in the future it would be amazing if we could relocate (with my dogs of course)! Singaporeans love to take care of their dogs and spoil them to death! Since the weather is always hot, there are waterparks especially for dogs, how amazing is that? Anyway, let’s keep on dreaming for the moment.

If you could have another puppy/dog right now what would it be?

At the moment, I’m very happy with my 4 beautiful dogs, but it would be nice to own a hairless dog (there are 2 up for adoption at the moment, so who knows?). There is just something about them and I love diversity in my pack. 

What do you expect for readers to take away from reading your blog?

I hope they enjoy my pet-friendly tips and advice about caring for your dog (ex. Cleaning your dog’s ears or understanding your dog’s body language) and get to know new pet-related products. I’m always looking for the next best thing and I hope my readers value my honest opinion. It’s just so much fun to try new things and write about it.

Do you have any blogging/dog events/shows planned for the year (or near future) that you can share with us?

The 3rd of July there is an ‘animal abuse awareness’-day in Belgium. I’ll be selling homemade items like dog pillows and knitted dog sweaters. Every penny we make supports a local charity that helps dogs in Serbia.

In August I’ll be ring commissioner at the International Brussels Dog Show. Unfortunately I will not be able to compete, but I’m really looking forward to connect with like-mined people. 

What are your social media accounts that everyone can follow you on?

Instagram & Twitter: @james_thelab and as for Facebook:

It’s just awesome to connect with dog-lovers from around the world!

If you could leave people with one lasting impression/piece of advice (before they go to read your blog of course) what would it be?

If you adopt: patience goes a long way. It took Pippa over 4 months to really understand that she could stay with me FOREVER. To this day, Charlie is so scared of men that he still feels uncomfortable to be petted by my boyfriend. But there is progress and that’s important. You cannot expect a dog to trust you immediately. After years of physical and emotional abuse, they just don’t know if you can be trusted. Just be patient and have faith. Time heals all wounds, you’ll get there.