Teaming Up With Motivational Press!

After taking a pretty well needed relax days (aka not working as much as normal) I am pretty excited to be back and with great news. First off I will briefly state why I temporarily shut down all three of my blogs/websites.

I simply needed some time to let my mind decompress a whole lot! Between client work, my blogs, another new project (which I will announce tomorrow), and "investments" I am now taking on an even larger workload than I ever have in my life. Everything is pretty fun and great, so I'm not complaining about the workload at all, just needed a little breather.

Now... with that out of the way, back to more important news? I am happy to announce that I am teaming up with Motivational Press for a pretty cool (and major) initiative. For those who do not know who Motivational Press is... of course I am introducing you two to each other. 

(Motivational Press... Readers! Readers... Motivational Press!)

Motivation Press is an amazing leader within the world of book publishing. Founded in 2007, the MP team has helped many authors fine-tune their stories and marketing for the world to enjoy. Their success and the success of authors whom have partnered with them is pretty outstanding if I say so myself. There are a variety of genres/books that authors have covered including Health & Wellness, Business, Religious & Spiritual, and Self-Help.

So what does any of this mean for me? 

Good question! As you all know, I am currently finishing up all the fine tunes of Ambition & Rebellion, however, the game may have just changed for the better. I will be participating in MP's Write Your Book Program, which allows authors to complete the entire process of writing a book from beginning drafts to marketing and selling the book. This entire program will last for 10 weeks! This will be the first time that I ever go through this entire process with a professional publishing team and I still can't believe this is happening! 

I will tell you all now that the book will not be Ambition & Rebellion seeing that it would not make any sense to add a pre-constructed project. However, I can tell you that the book I will be writing for this author's program is geared towards business. That's all you get. No sneak peaks... yet! 

How cool is this? I never thought that this opportunity would be something that I would right now. I can't completely promise that there will be updates every single week (although I do have that as a goal). I will say that you should follow me on Twitter because even if I have small updates, I will be sharing something over there. 

Nonetheless, I can guarantee that there will be a key blog post about my experience with Motivational Press and their program at the end of 10 weeks (starting from next Tuesday)! 

Time for me to drink my coffee for the morning because this is going to be one wild and exciting journey to embark on!