#WeekendCoffeeShare: Why Is Twitter Better Than Facebook?

Honestly over the past few months I have been trying to figure out a way to use Facebook less and Twitter more. Seeing that I do my business from the computer, it has been pretty hard to not refute back to normal habits of "we'll let me just see what is on Facebook really quick and get off" only to stay on for way too long. II'm starting to get a little bit better at this (using Facebook less) and there is a good reason as to why.
On Facebook people (users) tend to be attached to drama filled posts/articles or things that they can argue their point to being right. It is pretty common (even from some people/associates on my friends list) that if it is not about drama, boasting up whatever they believe in (in their on respective agenda/narrative), or something they simply want to refute, then it will not get any attention (aka "likes" or comments) at all. I have literally watched people say "Why are you writing paragraphs/madgraphs?" (Madgraphs are simply considered comments that are longer than one or two sentences.)

However, on Twitter it is completely different! I am kind of mad at myself that I didn't begin sooner putting more of my time and efforts on Twitter than I did for Facebook. (It is a tough transition, but it is a work in progress and on the right path.) I love how people on Twitter take the time to actually read tweets/articles before making an opinion (which is pretty obvious). On Twitter, people understand (at least for me) that you can agree to disagree instead of creating a drama fest over everything. 

What do you think? Are there clear differences to how people communicate between Facebook and Twitter? Also, if you are not following me on Twitter (shameless plug) then click here and follow me! Of course everything on my Twitter is exclusive to Twitter and within the near future I will definitely have some unexpected surprises to release!