Why I Will Not Jump On The Hate Trump Bandwagon

You would expect for me as a Hillary supporter to completely slander Trump's name, political campaign, and supporters to the ground... I won't! Although he has played the childish slander games of "Label Insults" by constantly referring to Hillary as "Crooked Hillary" this is where being a grown adult comes into play.

Prior to his 2008 and current run for president, Trump was simply known for being a great real estate mogul and host of the show Apprentice. Many people (even those who despise him now" imitated with glee a phrase he is known for on the show "you're fired."

In high school when I discovered that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, Trump was someone I researched heavily. I read his books, I watched every video of his that I could find, and read many articles as well. His father created a successful (and lucrative) company. Donald Trump took their family surname to a new level.

In his beginnings (which we all know by now) his father loaned him $1 million to start his own ventures. While people are so up in arms because Trump referee to that loan as "small" in regards to the wealth his family has, he is right in saying that it was a small loan. I never took that as a cocky statement about him because I already knew a vast amount of information about his entrepreneurial history beforehand.

Many extreme liberals now completely disagree with his viewpoints and political policies/opinions (respectively). Does that mean everyone (including myself) should now refer to him as the devil living in our society running for the most important job in America? No!

Everyone complains that specific segments of society (i.e. the LGBTQ community) have every right to freedom of speech as anyone else. That is true! We all have the constitutional right to freedom of speech even if we disagree with them.

Being intellectually dishonest encompasses being a bigot and most times hypocritical of the your own viewpoints/knowledge/opinions. I don't agree with most of his political policies (i.e. a ban on Muslims entering the United States). However, I understand his security concerns about it seeing the recent events of mass murders being associated.

Trump is entitled to his free speech just like everyone else. If you don't agree with his opinions, then politely agree to disagree and continue supporting your respective candidate. Many non-Trump supporters wonder why he is now the presumptive GOP nominee and receiving so much media attention. Spreading memes/posts on social media true or false (which is the worse part... sharing inaccurate information) has kept him relevant in every form of media.

You (non-Trump supporters) gave him the same attention you said he does not deserve. You are the reason why blogs and independent news media outlets write about him every day. You can't honestly complain about Trump getting the attention he has and then give him the exact same thing.

Instead of focusing on Trump's negative and distasteful opinions, why not put off al that focus on the positives of the candidate you support? After the 5th GOP debate, I knew he was going to win the GOP nomination. Not because of his opinions and political policies, but because he garnered enough attention that built his supporter base to what it is now. People agree with him and he is now their biggest voice.

Call him racist (which is the incorrect term to use... he is classist) all you want. I will not be part of the #NeverTrump social media bandwagon. I simply won't vote for him or support his candidacy for president in anyway, shape, or form. That doesn't make him a bad person that I don't agree with his opinions, I simply don't agree with him and go on supporting Hillary the best ways that I can.

So with all of that being said... #ImWithHer!