My Initial Thoughts on New Pokemon Sun and Moon

Today I woke up to a glorious amount of Pokemon all over my Twitter and Facebook. (I still need to check on my Instagram feed after writing this blog post.) With great pleasure everyone was talking about the newly released information about Pokemon Sun and Moon. In traditional Pokèmon Company fashion, we received a glimpse of gameplay in addition to seeing what the three starters will be, plus the cover art/exclusive legendaries for each game. 
Without being biased (because that would be so wrong of me to do as a Pokemon Master) I am beyond excited for this new adventure! I have been waiting for two years to embark on a new adventure. Alpha Sapphire is still a great game to play, but I have redhead the 999:59 time mark multiple times. 
Let's start on the cover art first off. 

To my knowledge, the legendaries names have not been released as of today. However, this is going to be a first for me that I can not wait for. Now that I work for myself, this also comes with the huge benefit of being able to play Pokemon a whole lot more. Typically I would only purchase one version (the "darker" version in my opinion). However, that is not the case anymore! I am purchasing both versions this year! I am still going to play Moon first because that unnamed legendary just looks like a complete beast! I am hoping for it to be a Dark/Psychic duo type. Next best combination would be a Psychic/Ice type... but that's just me thinking out loud! 

Keeping with the tradition, the starter Pokemon are Fire, Water, and Grass. However, the slight curveball that is being thrown in this year may not seem big... but it is! One starter is i fact a duo type Pokemon, which is definitely a first! 

Litten (far left) is the Fire-type starter. A nice play on a small kitten, I am assuming that Litten will eventually evolve into a ferocious lion/panther by the end of its evolution chain. As much as I am not a fan of the color red, it actually fits here with the design of this Pokemon. It may be too close to call right now, but Fire-type Pokemon with the Blaze ability typically make it on my competitive teams. 

Rowlett (middle) is a Grass/Flying duo type (which I am pretty sure is the first starter to ever be a duo type). The first and last Grass type starter I ever chose was Bulbasaur. I think design is pretty cool (similar to an owl) and Overgrow will be a good ability to have on my team during the first 2 or 3 gyms. The thing that scares me about having a Grass-type starter is how fragile they are to Fire, Psychic, and Ice types. However, this duo-type may just change my mind. 

Popplio (far right) is the Water-type starter wit the ability Torrent. If any starter is capable of having a mega evolution, I am hoping for it to be Popplio. Reason being is that I have been working on a few teams currently and trying to become better with Water types. There are not many strong dependable Water type Pokemon that can hold their own in the worse case scenario of a possible 5-2 or 3/4 team possible sweeps. If Popplio does not get a mega evolution, then Greninja is definitely next in line. 

What do you all think about the new information so far? Are you hype as I am about it? Do you already know the version you are getting? Any more speculations roaming around in your mind?