#WeekendCoffeeShare: Why Do I Disagree With Bernie Sanders Economy Method?

Over the past year many people didn't even know who Bernie Sanders and now because of his methods that may be beneficial to many, they believe he should be the next president. Now I'm not going to sit here and act like he is completely wrong on every front because he is not. The big banks should be held to more responsibility for the problems they have caused in America's economy. However, Bernie has one major flaw in his game that many of his supporters fail to realize.

Bernie's plan when it comes to jobs and the minimum wage is to take more money from the 1% and wealthy individuals to pay for everyone else. He is not promoting or even actively supporting job growth! His solution to giving low/middle class people a fair chance is to take from others. That is not what America was built as. You get what you earn, not what you think you deserve by accepting handouts.

While in a perfect world his democratic socialism perspective of free health care and free college tuition would be great, at what expense is he really taking? The thought that people would work harder/better if they are simply handed a $15 minimum wage income is a complete fallacy. All that does is promote laziness. Instead of actively doing what it takes (skill wise of a job) that deserves $15 an hour, people will simply take it as "well I can just work at McDonalds and be fine, why work any harder?"

Anyone who knows basic economics knows that trying to raise a national minimum wage to $15 an hour straight off will only put us in the same place we are now. Everything such as cost of living and products will raise and $15 an hour will end up not being a livable wage anymore.

Hillary's method makes way more sense even if you don't like it. Urging a $12 an hour minimum wage and then the states/cities/companies that can afford $15 minimum wage will create a better economic system and not run the entire country into another recession.

Many companies/businesses are not going to jump at Bernie's idea because it will only cause their demise if they can't afford it. That's why Trump has outsourced his employees. The CEOs of these companies deserve to make the profits they do because they created the businesses. To think they should take a pay cut or be taxed even more than they are now is absurd. They put in the hard work it took to create the businesses that gives people a job in the first place.

Even though Bernie is not my first choice (obviously) I am not undermining his intentions. If his method (on top of other mentionables that I will probably write in another blog post) were feasiable, I probably would have a different outlook on him getting my vote at this moment in the game. 

What do you all think? Is Bernie's economy method/plans right/feasiable/what we need as a country? Is he far off on his actual plans? Are you voting for Bernie and think I'm completely off the mark?  


Again, Bernie is not wrong in wanting the best for everyone. He truly has a good heart and is for the people. His methods to do so on the other hand are completely wrong. If he is going to be "for the people" then that means everyone (even the 1%/wealthy).