#WeekendCoffeeShare: What Books Are You Reading?

As time is progressing, I am loving the amount of books I have been able to read so far this year. I am preparing a slew of book review posts, which I will begin posting next week. Right now I have these 6 books on my list to read for the weekend. While many people are probably out going to clubs and parties because the weather is starting to become warm... I will be in my room reading. 

There is something about reading books now that is so fascinating to me. Just a year ago (and before then) I usually finished a book in two or three sittings. However, I have been finishing every book on my list in one complete session.

I treat books like I would treat any movie. I don't watch parts of a movie, turn it off and say "I'll finish the rest tomorrow." Nope... I dedicate a few hours of my day to sit back and read each book in its entirety! Then I will take a food break (have to eat of course) and then continue on to the next book.

What are you currently reading right now and what is on your reading list for the year? Below are my current reading lists of both hardcover and e-books for this weekend/next week. 


Hardcover Books (clock wise starting at the top left)

"Daphne and Thekla" by Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum (Fiction/Historical)

"The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman" by Mamen Sanchez (Novel)

*Currently Reading: "A Love Like Blood" by Victor Yates (Fiction/Literature)

"The Other Side of Silence" by Philip Kerr (Novel)

"We Are The Destroyers" by D.K. Lindler (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

"The Age of Lovecraft (Uncorrected Proof/Advanced Reading Copy)" Contributors: Jessica George, Brian Johnson, James Kneale, Patricia MacCormack, Anglia Ruskin, Jed Mayer, China Miéville, W. Scott Poole, David Punter, David Simmons, and Isabella van Elferen. (Edited by Carl H. Sedrhold and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock. Foreword by Ramsey Campbell. Interview with China Miéville) (Literary Criticism/Philosophy)


eBooks (starting from top left)

"JeBouffee Home Canning Step by Step Guide (Second Edition)" 
by JeBouffe (Food/Canning/Cookbook)

"Bearing the Cross (Drayton #2)" by Tony Bertauski (Theater)

"The Last Call" by George Wier (Mystery/Thriller)

"The Italian Cook Book" by Maria Gentile (Food/Cookbook)

"The Duchess War" by Courtney Milan (Historical)

"A Question of Will" by Alex Albrinck (High Tech)

"Becoming Human" by Eliza Green (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

"The Soulkeepers" by Eliza Green (Fantasy)

"Tasting Table Chefs' Recipes: Fall Favorites 2011" by TastingTable (Food/Cookbook)

"Tasting Table Chefs' Recipes: Winter Collection 2012" by TastingTable (Food/Cookbook)

"Spread a Little Joy" by Julie Gulik (Food/Cookbook)