Maybe I'm Not Ready For Summer... Maybe!

Earlier in the year I was sitting here (in my office) cold, shivering, wearing a hoodie, two t-shirts, basketball shorts, and pajama pants. While all that might sound bad to you beach bums, I actually love it! 

I was thinking about the summer in December and for the first time in a while I wanted summer to hurry up. Not any more! I hate this whole sweating thing and even worse stupid, annoying mosquitos. Bees are okay only because they produce honey. 

It is a bit mind boggling to say the least that I want both, but only the best parts of them (I'm not that indecisive of a person). For example I seriously can not wait to start cooking BBQ outside on the grill. I can cook enough on the grill to last me at least a full week. Cooking on the electric grill just does not suffice for my desires right now. However, I also want to wear hoodies and beanies without walking in my own pool of sweat everywhere. 

Maybe I will be a bit lucky since I am moving back to Colorado and we will get one random catastrophic snow day or something (haha). In all honesty, that is the main reason why I am excited about this summer in particular. I'm finally going back home! As the time gets closer, I starting to feel the same way that I did the first time I moved there for college. Those butterflies of excitement, nerves, and anger for even leaving in the first place are all swirling around my mind. 

Soon I will be able to go back home the exact way that I wanted to! I remember saying when I moved to Chicago that if I move again it will be my last and it will be Colorado. While I am not returning there with the same friends that I left with, I am okay with that. I'm okay that they showed their true colors now because when I arrive there, I will be living as an entrepreneur with full control of my life! This means that I will be able to attend a ton of events at my discretion and make new friends! 

Oh... for the first time in 4 years I get to meet up with a really close friend and I am really excited about that! Basically the female version of me, but way more attractive! I also get to meet up with other friends I went to college with. Some are married, some have began making their perfect families... the anticipation! 

Maybe you are not that bad of a thing summer... this year!